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Putin: British Govt Do Not Understand What They’re Playing With

Russian President, Vladimir Putin on Tuesday said the British Government are ignorant of responsibility for training what he labelled as “Ukrainian saboteurs” who planned an attack on Russian nuclear power plants.

“Do they even understand what they are playing with? Do they provoke us to some response actions against Ukrainian nuclear facilities, and power plants?

“Does the British leadership and the prime minister know what their intelligence agencies do in Ukraine?” Putin said at an economic forum.

Speaking further, he said, “Or, maybe, they don’t know at all? I accept that the British intelligence acts under the leadership of the Americans as well.”

Putin said the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB) captured several “Ukrainian saboteurs,” who were tasked with damaging a Russian nuclear power plant.

“During the questioning, they testified that they were trained under the supervision of British instructors,” he stated.


He stressed that those he described as “Ukrainian saboteurs” “don’t know where to stop and may cause serious consequences.”

“The leadership of British intelligence agencies knows that I am telling the truth.

But I am not certain if the British leadership understands what it is such things are truly concerning,” Putin said.

There was no immediate reaction from British officials addressing Putin’s claims at the time.

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