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February 24, 2024

Proscribe Miyyetti Allah first, group tells govt

The Yoruba Nation Global Directorate (YNGD) has advised the Attorney General of Federation (AGF) Malami, (SAN) to proscribe the Miyyetti Allah Association and Boko Haram instead of self-determination groups genuinely agitating for the freedom of the Yoruba people.

In a statement signed by Princess Adeola Atayero Olamijulo, the Directorate said Miyyetti Allah has been speaking carelessly, illegally and impudently. Miyyetti Allah’s members, the group alleged, have been on the rampage in the country, killing and raping innocent citizens and Malami and his power-mongers could not proscribe the group.

It will be recalled that the Federal Government of Nigeria, through an aide to the Attorney General of Federation, threatened to proscribe self-determination groups in Yoruba nation. The groups, under the aegis of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) have been carrying out peaceful protests in all the nooks and crannies of Yoruba land to sensitize the people on the up-coming referendum to determine whether the people of the Yoruba land will opt in or out for self-determination.

The threat from the Federal Government came on the heels of the expiration of 120 days the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) gave the Federal Government. The Federal Government, having failed to respond to the constitutional force majeure which disputes the 1999 Constitution, the NINAS Territories by implication are no longer under the federal government of Nigeria.

Princess Olamijulo said the various groups in Yoruba nation have been peaceful and ethical in their rallies even in the face of obvious provocation by the police and other agents of the Federal Government.

YNGD warned that no action by the Federal Government will stop the Yoruba nationalists from agitating for self-determination as enshrined in various international instruments to which Nigeria is a signatory.

The Directorate warns the Federal Government of Nigeria to stop intimidation of agitators and rethink the threat to arrest Emeritus Prof. Adebanji Akintoye adding that the majority of Yoruba citizens are resolute in their quest to be free from Nigeria.

Meanwhile, the YNGD has condemned the gruesome killing of 22 Yoruba Muslims in Plateau State on Saturday 15 August 2021, describing it as callous ungodly, provocative and careless. 14 of the Muslims are still under intensive care in the hospital.

The statement advised all the Yoruba citizens to be prepared and defend themselves if they are attacked without provocation.

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