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Proprietor urges govt to invest in education

The Proprietor of Glorious Bequest International College, Lagos, Rev. Wilson Akupghe has called on the government to invest in education, saying the value and standard of education in the country in recent years has fallen drastically.


Akupghe, who made the call during graduation of the school, counseled the students to equip themselves because the competition ahead is getting tougher than it used to be.


He noted that in this information age, everyone needs to be abreast with what is happening in the society, stressing that “we have to be technologically inclined because virtually everything needs some application of technology these days.”


The Proprietor further explained: “What we are witnessing presently is that the value for education has dwindled considerably.


These days you hear the slogan that education is a scam and it is making the youth lose faith in education because graduates are unemployed, while area boys are controlling the economy.


They have become an alternative government and hence most of the youths are looking forward to becoming an area boy themselves. “I am sure that is where the slogan comes that education is a scam.


But that is the most foolish thing to say. They have been wrongly indoctrinated and we need to stand our ground to correct it. Indeed, that is why you see us giving prizes to the best students from all classes to encourage good work.


At least that is our little contribution to shape them towards the right direction.” Meanwhile, a parent of the graduating students, Mrs. Nkechi Ezekwu stressed the need for parents to monitor their children’s activities after school hours, saying: “My advice is that we, as parents, should try as much as possible to teach our children or to show them the right way.”


In terms of education, she noted that they should encourage their children to do their homework and assignments, as well as how to behave well. “And as parents, the way to guide the children is to go through their books often to know how they are doing.


For the school, I want them to encourage the students, help them to learn and to read, especially those that cannot read and write. Again, not only in terms of education, they should also teach them how to behave well in the midst of other children,” she said.


Another parent, Mrs. Obiwuru Rachael Okeoghene advised the graduating students to always remember the values inculcated in them by the school, saying “I want to congratulate the graduating students, but I charge them to remember as they usually say, remember where you are coming from.”


She, however, cautioned them not to join wrong people or bad gangs because they had been brought up in the right way and taught to behave well.

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