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Promoting selfless service to humanity

Humanity is the common language spoken by mankind across the world. It suffices to say that it is a generally recognized feature among all creatures, irrespective of race or class. One who seeks true happiness is enjoined to embrace humanity to the fullness, because it has been proven to be the only tool that guarantees innermost joy needed by every living soul. Humanity cannot be shortchanged regardless of the circumstance. Hence, anyone who chooses to suppress its existence might end up living a life of sorrow for eternity. This is a bitter fact that mustn’t be overlooked. To this end, we are all expected to strive towards promoting selfless service in our respective endeavours at all cost. In other words, no matter what it may cost, everyone is urged to treat Humanity with every sense of sincerity.

Surely, the most important thing to any man remains his or her welfare. Welfare could be referred to as one’s wellbeing, or organized efforts to ensure the basic wellbeing of people in need. Since the term ‘humanitarianism’ has to do with human welfare, this crusade is targeted to sensitize mankind on the cogent need for people to help one another, and for anyone to support any cause that is aimed to promote lending hand to persons that are in need or victimized. We must be willing and ready to volunteer ourselves whenever our services are required in our various jurisdictions. It’s very disheartening to notice that whenever tragic incident occurred, some persons’ intent is usually how they would benefit from the crisis.

Rather than preoccupy our mindsets with such devilish intention, we are bound to take into cognizance that no one who benefits from a crisis scene lives a happy life regardless of his/ her status. To this end, it’s our duty to ensure we bring succour to the needy, or those victimized by a crisis such as war, terrorism, religious extremism, massacre, and genocide, just to mention but a few. Furthermore, since no one ever wishes to be in a community or society made up of only him or her, thus we ought to ensure that the sustenance of the wellbeing of our relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues, associates, or what have you, as the case may be, is at all times our civic responsibility or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By so doing, we can boast of a peaceful society filled with thoroughly united individuals. So, as Nigerians are encouraged to support humanitarian movement, I enjoin every relevant body – such as the religious institutions, civil society, mass media, governments at all levels and well-meaning individuals, among others – to do everything humanly possible toward ensuring selfless service to humanity is deeply promoted come rain, come shine.

In his words, the past United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, “In a world that is ever more digitally connected, each of us has the power and responsibility to inspire our fellow human beings to act to help others and create a more humane world”. We must note at all times that we were all created to be one indivisible body irrespective of our individual affiliations. Hence, we are meant to contribute our quota to ensure we actualize such laudable motive initiated by nature no matter the challenges.

The government on its part ought to equally consider the welfare of its citizenry as their civil rights, thus must be treated as priority, and not optional. In view of the above, government officials assigned or appointed to serve humanity, or occupy any position targeted to promote humanitarianism, must carry out their obligations with passion and selflessly with a view to alleviating untold suffering and hardship among the ordinary people. A situation whereby a political appointee assigned to head a Humanitarian agency or ministry, pay more/only attention to what they intend to benefit from the appointment, is not just uncalled for but unequivocally evil, hence must be highly condemned and hastily put to stop by any leader who means well for his generation yet unborn. Time has come for every Nigerian to place humanity above self-interest in their various fields of endeavour, no matter whose ox is gored.

This is a clarion call for anyone who intends to grow beyond human destruction. The truth is that, service to humanity is the best service anyone could render to their family, community or workplace, as might be the case. This is the reason we are expected to see such factor as the only thing that could bring true happiness and satisfaction to anyone who embraces it. We as a people are, therefore, expected to do everything humanly possible towards passionately promoting selfless service to humanity. We must, on this note, endeavour to say no to crime against humanity to avert any possible generational curse. Think about it!

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