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Promoting role of women in nation-building

Fred Nwaozor Pedestal

E very March 8, the world celebrates the International Women’s Day. Hence, 2023 edition is being commemorated today. The day, which was endorsed by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities as well as to conscientize others to participate actively in every lucrative societal activity within their reach. No society in existence can be said to be complete if a woman is yet to be found in it, regardless of its nature or size. We can testify to this assertion by considering how a woman came into the world.

Having created man, God thought it wise to form a woman from the rib of a man; this was so because the Creator realized of what benefit a woman would be to a man in any society/arena he might find himself. For instance, a family, which remains the smallest society on earth, can never strive if a woman is missing. Realistically, a family cannot be formed in the first place if a woman is nowhere to be found. Also, having formed a family with the help of a woman, if she eventually dies, the affected family would live to suffer the vacuum created by her eternal demise.

This implies that psychologically, no widower can boast of being a happy man, especially in a situation where his late wife had children. Sometimes, even when the man had eventually settled down with another woman, he shall remain in a seeming endless emotional trauma provided the late wife left some indelible footprints behind. The womenfolk, ab initio, has been considered to constitute the integral part of the wider society.

It is obvious that a social gathering or union cannot achieve an effective and efficient goal if the women are not carried along. It might sound a bit controversial or vague but the truth remains that nature had ordained a woman to be the most attractive being in any society she happens to be part of. This is why a woman’s presence appears to possess a natural tendency of arresting the heart of a man irrespective of what the man in question is made of.

The political terrain is not left out. Any man occupying a political position would boldly testify to the fact that his beloved wife is the reason he is striving assiduously and successfully. It suffices to say that, a woman is indeed in charge of any leadership position even when her impact is ostensibly invisible.

The advisory role, both morally and otherwise, a woman plays in the life of a political office holder who happens to be her spouse supersedes whatever advice or counsel he receives from his employees/appointees, friends, or well-wishers, as the case may be. Considering the church, which remains one of the oldest societies across the globe, it’s needless to reiterate that its sustainability from the outset has been possible owing to the effort of the womenfolk.

A woman has been proven beyond doubts to be more religious than a man; this is the reason she remains the engine room towards the uplift of the children’s spiritual lives. It’s noteworthy that a person or family whose spiritual life is porous is apparently living like a tree without a root, thus could be blown away by the wind at any time. Indeed, the role of a woman both in her immediate and wider society cannot be overemphasized. From the above instances, it can be deduced that without a woman our children cannot be properly raised, be it morally, academically, or religiously, among others.

Similarly, without a woman, a man’s social, political as well as emotional life shall remain incomplete. However, it’s worth noting that it is only a virtuous woman that can impact positively on her family or any society she belongs. Needless to say; it takes a virtuous woman or one with an acceptable lifestyle to bring the desired change in any society. A virtuous woman, in a nutshell, is that woman who is morally correct; that woman who possesses an acceptable lifestyle; that woman whose interior idiosyncrasies are welcoming or near-perfect. To say the least, a woman’s lifestyle can be said to be acceptable if she is responsible and responsive; above all, god-fearing.

This implies that women are expected to distinguish themselves wherever they find themselves with a view to contributing effectively in nation building. Hence, as the global community celebrates the International Women’s Day, we are required at all times to contribute our individual/ collective efforts toward the promotion of the womenfolk in our respective communities or societies, as well as preach against any form of violence against them. The parents/guardians, therefore, ought to note that a well-trained girl-child has the tendency of attracting the world to her person. This is why they must ensure their wards are raised to attract pride or value to their respective homes. Think about it!

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