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Promote African culture, Uba Iwunwa tells fellow musicians

Nigerian songstress, Uba Iwunwa Nigerian has advised music stars to channel their creative energies into promoting the rich cultural heritage, peace, unity and socio-economic progress of the nation, instead of promoting immorality, violence and western culture.

Her Majesty, (Dr.) Uba Iwunwa (Queen Ugobeze), who is also a Nigerian-Canadian Peace Ambassador, music artist, actress and foremost international bestselling author, made the call while fielding questions from newsmen on her recent music singles – Wind of Destiny, co-produced with a legendary gospel artist and Peace Ambassador, His Royal Highness, Eze-Oha, Dr. Felix Ndukwe.

“It’s sad that most new generation of Nigerian artists, especially those from Igbo ethnic group, don’t use their creative skill to promote good things about our society and culture. Rather they are busy copying western lifestyles and culture. It’s not helping them as well as the society,” she observed.

Uba, who is reputed as a nine-time honorary doctorate award recipient in Diplomacy, Philosophy, Peace and Human Rights in recognition of her global humanitarian leadership, disclosed that returning to Nigeria to produce the music with Ambassador Ndukwe was significant in her career as she remains a proud daughter of Igboland.

“Promoting Igbo, African cultural heritage through music, acting and writing at global stage remains my creative niche and it has made me a strong and better woman. I’m a passionate promoter of cultural diversity and peace. As I always say, my African culture is my identity and I have done a great deal of work in this regard in the past 15 years.

According to her, Wind of Destiny was a tribute as well as clarion call for total liberation of Igboland from shackles of backwardness. In her words: “The song is the awakening of the spirit of purity, love, and unity in Igboland because no matter where time takes us to, there’s no place like home. I am a proud daughter of Igboland, a showcase of cultural diversity globally.

I believe It’s time for me to touch the soul of my motherland (Igboland) with a song of freedom, peace, liberation; and hope for my generation and the generations unborn.”

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