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Praise Night: Cleric Withdraws Invitation To Pasuma, Portable

Following the outrage sparked by the invitation of secular singers by a Celestial Church parish to its Praise Night, the shepherd of the church,Aderemi Dabiri, is said to have withdrawn the invitation and apologised for his misdemeanor Recall that the Land of Goshen Parish of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) attracted knocks during the week for announcing its plan to bring street-hop artist Portable and Fuji singer Pasuma to its Praise Night. In a flyer posted on its Facebook page, the church wrote, “JOIN US ON 15th OF DEC, 2023.

As We Celebrate our 7th Year Anniversary on Our ANKARA/ PRAISE NIGHT “Performing: ALHAJI WASIU ALABI PASUMA a.k.a. Oganla, HABEEB OLALOMI a.k.a Portable, MAY-SHUA, EVANG. SUN- DAY GP a.k.a De Governor” According to a statement by the Head of Media of the Celestial Church of Christ, Kayode Ajala, the shepherd of the church was full of remorse, promising to not just cancel the invitation extended to the secular artists but to print and circulate a new set of posters when “the Ketu authority of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide, immediately waded into the explosive matter by getting in touch with the Shepherd in Charge of C.C.C. LAND OF Goshen Parish, Ogudu, Lagos, to call him to order.”

Meanwhile, despite the reported withdrawal of the invitation to the said secular artists, some members of the Celestial Church of Christ have called ọn the church to sanction the shepherd in question for subjecting the church to public ridicule. In an interview with Sunday Telegraph, an evangelist in the church and mathematics professor, Jaiyeola Temitope, said it was high time disciplinary measures were put in place (and implemented without fear or favour) to prevent church workers, especially shepherds from having the freedom to perpetrate evil.

“Once a church worker/ clergyman/clergywoman is officially registered, he or she must be made to be accountable for any act of indiscipline and carnality. We can’t continue to harbour clergymen and clergywoman in CCC who are of questionable character. Some of them have become enemies of God and agents of the antichrist. “Punitive measures must be put in place to save CCC from being hijacked by these unscrupulous elements.

The clergy workforce of CCC shouldn’t become a dumping ground for bootlickers, church politicians and opportunists. Nepotism and favouritism shouldn’t be the mode of operation of clergy in a serious minded church organisation. “It’s unbelievable that a supposed shepherd, who is a representative of the pastor and indirectly a representative of Christ, in a local parish can invite secular musicians as guest ministers. Such shepherd(s) should be relieved of their appointment and be allowed to go back into the world (if they so wish) and do their heart desires, rather than allowing them to depopulate God’s kingdom and populate hell fire, and bring disrepute to the church of God and body of Christ in general.”

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