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Portray Nigeria In Positive Light, CDS Urges Media

Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), has urged the media to portray Nigeria favourably in their reporting.

The Military General who questioned why Nigerians frequently spoke negatively about their country argued that there had to be a nation before anyone could even discuss it.

Speaking at a seminar with the theme “Civil-military relations: non-kinetic efforts of the Nigerian Military in security management, challenges, and prospects,” Musa was invited by members of the Defence Correspondents Association of Nigeria.

According to him, Nigerians needed to understand that, as Africans, words have power and might influence the future of their country.


He said: “We must learn how to be positive about our country.

“There must be a nation before you can even discuss it. Sometimes I find it very hard to understand when I hear Nigerians speaking evil about their country.

“We have seen other countries. For most nations, it’s not that they don’t have issues, but their citizens don’t put their problems at the forefront like we do.

“So, it’s important that we take ownership of our country. We must wish our country well and our leaders well. When they err, let us call them to question and provide solutions. It’s not always just about negative criticism.

“When you’re calling for God to punish your leaders, you’re not helping the growth of your country.

“The budget of America for this year is over $800 billion for defense.

“If you look at our budgets, convert it to dollars. I’m sure you know, do the math, you know how much we’re getting.”

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