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Poll: Traders Endorse Labour Party Guber Candidate In Abia

The Labour Party (LP) candidate in the 2023 governorship election in Abia State, Dr Alex Otti has been endorsed by some group of traders at the popular Ngwa Road Market (Ahia-Ohuru), Aba.

Speaking on their decision to endorse the LP candidate on Thursday in Aba, the traders said Otti’s promise to return the right of traders to choose and elect their leaders in various markets is key to them making their choice.

They said that the government’s interference in market leadership has been the major problem in various markets in Abia State, leading to traders not having a unified view on issues affecting them.

The traders who gathered under the aegis of “Aba Men of Goodwill” said that they have already mobilised their members which include their sales representatives, their apprentices, and everyone associated with them to come out en masse and vote for Otti on Saturday.

Spokesperson of the “Aba Men of Goodwill”, Mr Sylvanus Okoro said that the group is scattered all over the city, but has its strength more at the Ngwa road market where they established the group over the years has been at the forefront of standing for the interest of marginalized traders.

He said that traders are finding it difficult to confront the Abia State government on the issues of multiple taxations, poor infrastructure in the market and so many problems because of the “Divide and Rule” system the government brought into the market which makes market union leaders become government stooges against the interest of their fellow traders.

Okoro said that “Aba Men of Goodwill” watched with serious shock when the rain of Wednesday took over the popular Ngwa Road that leads to their market after several assurances from the state government that such problems have been taken care of.

“For “Aba Men of Goodwill”, we are all traders as you know. Ngwa Road Market is our main base. But we’re in Ariaria International Market, Eziukwu Market (Cemetery), Ekeoha-Market (Shopping Centre), Ehere Market, Uratta Integrated Market and Asa-Nnentu Spare Parts Market.

“Our vision is simply to ensure that we trade in an atmosphere of peace and law. We’ve not been finding it easy because of the leadership system in our markets.

“Any move that will return the power to choose leaders back to us is welcomed and the Labour Party has assured us that must be done and we’re holding them on that. We’ll vote massively and we expect a new dawn soon.

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