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Political Stability: Group advocates return to parliamentary democracy

A group known as City Gate Elders of Nigeria, Benin City, yesterday advocated for a return to parliamentary democracy if the country is to enjoy political stability. Addressing journalists in Benin, Chairman of the group, Dr. Dele Oluwatade, a medical practitioner, in a paper titled; “Reengineering Nigeria for a Stable Political Equilibrium,” said a borrowing nation like Nigeria cannot afford the extravagance of the presidential system of government. He advocated that Nigeria be restructured into twelve or eight regions with premiers as the heads of each region for easy administration and reduction in the cost of governance.

“The strength of the American presidential system is the federating states; the weakness of Nigeria’s presidential system is in the unitary-federalism state, causing political emasculation of economic activities of the nation. “America is ruled by fiftyone heads, but Nigeria is ruled by one head. California is about half of Nigeria, under one governor, equivalent to eighteen governors in Nigeria, run on political extravagance.

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