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February 28, 2024

People laugh at me for selling brooms – Nonagenarian

A 92-year-old grandfather and a popular broom seller in Dass, capital of Dass Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Alhaji Danjuma Usman, has said that selling brooms- is better for him than to beg for money or food, which at the end, make people look down on him


The old grandpa, who is a father of 10 children and 50 grandchildren, told our correspondent in an interview that people used to laugh at him for selling brooms.


According to him: “People laugh at me saying that my business is a small business and selling brooms- is not profitable. Some say I am a lazy man but I say to them, I don’t beg like them. I don’t follow politicians about for peanuts”.


“I am contented with my business and my family respect me because I always put food on their tables and I have never been found wanting for any reason despite the fact that people look down on my business. But I know how much I make in a day and it is enough for me to take care of my family”.


Usman said no business is small but it depends on how your manage it and how you control your spending , saying his business has been bringing good luck for him in many ways. “I started this business when the king of England was still riding on horses many years back.


I feed my family from this business and sent some of my children to school. I am happy doing this business and it has opened so many doors of blessings to me. I have built a house of my own from the proceed.


So, I feel comfortable doing the business”. Usman said that per bunch of broom it cost N100 to N200 and everyday, he makes a sale of N2000 to N3000 from his broom business that some people think he is just suffering doing that business for a living.


He advised youth to engage in business no matter how small as business is better like than following politicinas about, who may likely use and dump them at the end

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