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PAMA: AfCFTA aims to achieve Africa’s industrialisation agenda

The Pan-African Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has disclosed that the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement is aimed at encouraging cooperation among African manufacturers in a bid to achieve market transformation, grow SMEs and create value chains in line with Africa’s industrialisation agenda.

The Interim Chairman, PAMA, Mansur Ahmed, an engineer, disclosed this in his opening speech during the Lighting of the Africa Trade Torch in Cairo, Egypt, recently. He explained that AfCFTA was the continent’s collective determination to promote and trigger engagement in intra-Africa trade and cross-border value chains. Ahmed said: “I bring you warm greetings from the Pan-African Manufacturers Association (PAMA). Today’s event is a testament of our continent’s potential and our collective determination to promote and trigger engagement in Intra-Africa trade and cross-border value chains.

“On the onset, I would like to applaud the efforts of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), an effort that has led to the birth of PAMA. Since the inception of PAMA, MAN has taken the lead role in ensuring the ascent of the Association to a continental platform, a feat that has not been easy.” Speaking further on PAMA’s activities, the MAN president said: “This association shall serve as a central continental body that would engage the African Union and other continental bodies on behalf of African manufacturers on matters concerning the growth and development of their industry.

“African manufacturers can be rest assured that with PAMA, there would be an increase in intra-Africa trade through the creation of competitive and comparative advantages for different markets.” Furthermore, the industrialist reassured the African Business Council of PAMA’s commitment to advancing and prospering the efforts of the AfCFTA in order to build high quality continental value chains.

“I strongly believe that our challenge is to boost greater cooperation between manufacturers and countries, and to constantly remind African manufacturers that they can and should think bigger and bolder,” he stated, adding that, “it is time to herald a new era. “An era where African products will be on every shelf, in every supermarket and market, consumed in every household from Cairo to Cape, from Lagos to Mombasa and from Dakar to Dar es Salam. “Furthermore, I believe that African manufacturers deserve to be seen and heard, and it is our duty to change the view that Africa is a continent of consumers and not producers,” the MAN president added.

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