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February 24, 2024

Ozigbo Disagrees With Amaechi’s Comment On Nigerians’ Lack Of Leadership

Following the comment made by the former Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi that Nigerians are to blame for the nation’s decline, the 2021 gubernatorial candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Anambra State, Valentine Ozigbo has said he disagrees with his stance.

Speaking at TheNiche Annual Lecture on the subject, “Why We Stride And Slip: Leadership, Nationalism, and the Nigerian Condition,” Amaechi reportedly refuted the claim that the failure of the nation is only the fault of its leaders.

Amaechi stated that followership that is content with the current state of affairs is Nigeria’s biggest issue.

He also mentioned that factors including ethnicity, a weak foundation, self-interest, and a lack of political will were impeding the nation’s ability to develop and advance.


In contrast, Ozigbo asserted in a Daily Sun interview that both leaders and followers must accept accountability for their mistakes.

The leader of the Labour Party (LP) stated that Nigerians must go beyond ethnicity, cease being docile, begin speaking out, and demand transparency from their leaders.

He said, “He has a right to his views, but for me, I tend to disagree a bit, and the reason is not far-fetched. This is a very important discussion, it is about nation-building, it is about looking at our past and asking the question: How did we get here from there, you examine your mistakes and know what should be done to get the right result.

“This is a topic we have debated over and over for a long time. It is an issue we have rehearsed over and over. Some of us have since stopped discussing it. It is not that we should not go back to the past to know where the problem started, but because the issues are well documented and well-spoken about.

What we now need is people accepting responsibility for their own errors, whether you are a leader, whether you are a citizen, and doing the needful, including playing your part in changing the story.
“So, leaders are to be blamed, and followers have their own share of the blame, but if we want to deal with the issue, focus on leadership because the way it is in life, you can’t deal with the whole world at the same time, you deal with the few, and those are the leaders.
“They are the ones that give direction, influence and shape the future, then followers will now follow, that is why it is followership, leading and followership. So, from the literary meaning, anybody making the debate against it is totally out of it.
The truth is that both are to be blamed, but leaders should even be blamed more because the responsibility to correct is in their hands. What we now need to do as citizens is to stop being idiots, and when I say idiots, I am quoting the Greek word to describe self-centered people.
“You become a national leader, and then all others who are followers can actually hold those people responsible and accountable and stop being passive.
“When things go wrong, let us shout, let’s speak the truth, when these things are done, the stories will change. When you have good, quality leaders who lead with sincerity and total commitment to service for the good of all, followership will key into their vision.”

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