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‘Our passion, challenges as make-up artists’

There are so many reasons people become makeup artists. Aside from the fact that makeup artist seems to be a trending and trendy career amongst youngsters; it is still a passion for some people. A student of Landmark University, Kwara State, Miss. Omotomi Tolani, explained that she went into the profession because she got bored while staying at home after her secondary school.

She said that with time, she had fallen hopelessly in love with the profession. She said: “At my place of learning, my boss was quite nice so I found it to be fun. I have been working as a makeup artist for five years and as for the challenges, there hasn’t been any so far. It has been good for me and it was an easy trade to learn. I inspired myself and there have been no issues with my customers because they are always satisfied with my work. I am really satisfied with what I earned because so many ladies come to do make up every day.

If you do good work, many people will flock in to partake in it.” For Miss Alaga Suliyat Titilope, she has been in the profession for six years and started making money from it while she was still in school. According to her, she was using it to generate extra income. She added: “While in school, I used to make up for people just to earn a little money to support myself. After I graduated, I went for an upgrade and then throughout last year, I have been really deep into it, cashing out good.

I went into it because I have a passion for it. I just feel really good when I see someone looking beautiful and I realize that it’s my work; I actually made their faces look beautiful and they became so obsessed that they started taking pictures and videos. They look so beautiful and that also means more money.

“I didn’t really face any challenges, but just now that I go to work, it takes much of my time unlike before. When you change location, it becomes difficult to get new customers and this is because most of them do not know what you can do. Recently, I relocated from Sango-Ota to Lagos State, now I have to start looking for people, promote myself, do free make up, do shoots and collaborations to be known again. That, I can say, are the challenges I’m facing right now, and it will be over soon. I’m very satisfied with what I earn, especially now that I did the upgrade; I’m very satisfied with what I earn.

“On a day when I do five makeups for people, that’s just N50, 0000 in my account although I know that the money is not mine alone. I’m going to need to get new products that I need because I’m particular about getting quality products. One of my foundations costs N10, 000 and that foundation will be used for at least 15 people. “My best friend inspired me, like when I was in school she used to sit me down and show me, then after I had to go learn it and I realised I actually have a passion for it. Like I told you, I try my best to be good, normally some people be like red lipstick won’t fit me, so if I do it for them I have to just convinced them I did it in a way that would fit them, you have to let them know you will do it in a creative way, and they will love it, and when customers complain like that, you just have to calmly explain to them and you resolve it.

“I don’t really have issues with them, sometimes money; you just have to collect half payment from them before you start the job so that at the end of the day they will not say that they didn’t have the money yet. My experience so far has been fun. I like makeup jobs because it allows me to meet new people and interactions with them are always so sweet so it’s been really fun. It’s a passion of mine and I love doing it.” Another artist, Martins Mobolaji, said: “I have been into makeup for two years.

I went into makeup because of my passion for it. My challenges were mistakenly buying a fake makeup product at an expensive price and customers reacted and refused to pay the money they were charged. I’m really satisfied with what I earn. A top makeup artist inspired me. Having issues with customers, yes, you would come across people that seem never to be satisfied with the services rendered just to prove class, and some promising to pay the rest of your money, and taking too long to pay or not pay at all. My experience so far has been wonderful. It is a very interesting profession as you get to see new ideas every day.”

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