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Our integrity, honesty, transparency speak for us, says Olatona

Aguda Folarin Olatona is the chief executive officer of Tonaco Investment Company, he spoke with STANLEY IHEDIGBO on investment opportunities and operations of his

What is your sector of the economy is your company into?

We are in the investment sector of the economy. We collect money from our clients and invest it into our business of exportation and importation. We pay our clients dividends at the end of the year. Our activities are to generate profit in order to fulfill the mandate and promises made to the investors. Critically, the management went into research before embarking on the importation and exportation business. The company also found out that in the importation and exportation sector there is a need for regular research. Also, we went for researches to equally select the commodities that have high demand both in the Nigerian and international markets.

What products do your company deal on?

We export agricultural produces like charcoal, walnut, cocoa, cashew nut and import electronics, telephones, and telephone accessories, vehicles as well as tyres and brake linings. The socio-economic values of these products both at home and abroad make it highly profitable and the usefulness of each of these products for health, food, industrial and raw material purposes among others always increase the demand, which means we will always be in profitable business all through the year. Furthermore, the company is committed to proper accountability, transparency and prudent management of resources. We ensure that all our import and export are insured by insurance companies of reputable experience. So you have nothing to lose if you partner with us as an investor rather you have a lot to gain from us as an investor.

How do you fashion your operation?

It is the investment of the investors that are put together into a central purse for our import and export activities and the profit from this business is used to provide a range of investment opportunity in electronics, telephone accessories, auto spare parts, and tyres. These services are delivered by teams working across multiple divisions. Our team comes from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, including finance, engineering, science, technology and the humanities. You’ll draw strength from a highly collaborative and intellectually stimulating environment and you will be part of a team that helps you succeed.

How attractive is the profit margin of your operation?

By giving us money as means of investment, we will use the money very well for you. We pay six per cent per month. The six per cent is put together for 12 months, which means we are paying 72 per cent of their investment.

What is the assurance of the investors making profit for investing in your business?

Our assurance is that all our goods and services are insured. That is why investors should invest in our business. You will always have something to fall back on when sudden needs arise. Investors are always in business because their money is working for them giving a return in business. Their money works for them and they can reasonably anticipate making a profit on their investment due to their advanced research and prudent selection of an appropriate investment. The investment will always appreciate in value and an investor to some extends will never be in lack or want of financial resources because the person is always having resources in his financial reserves. An investor will always have an opportunity to create wealth, grow wealth and become financially independent. Also, investment has the power to stop financial harassment or embarrassment because we will be providing the interest that we disburse to the investors annually and according to their interest ratio.

What makes your investment company unique?

Our integrity, honesty and industriousness speak for us. We are a sure guarantee for sure investments and sure high returns on investment compared to others. Also, our disbursement on investment is real, certain, non-negotiable, and no excuse whatsoever. I appeal to the public to take advantage of the opportunity that we are offering them. We keep our promises and are transparent. We don’t cut corners to avoid running into problems with government authority or anybody that will liquidate our business.

In the area of funding, have approached some of the financial institutions in the country for funds?

We are actually creating an investment opportunity platform for Nigerians. As a country, things are challenging, and it is advisable to have multiple sources of income in order to be comfortable in Nigeria. If you invest your money with us, your money would be working for you. What an average Nigerian needs is to invest where he or she can get returns and it is not easy for an entrepreneur to borrow money from financial institutions because of their double digit interest rate. The interest rate in any financial institution in Nigeria is on the high side. That is why there is unemployment in the country because many businesses have closed down as a result of lack of fund and unfavourable economic situation. It is far better for a group of individuals to pull resources together for business than running up and down looking for financial assistance from any Nigerian financial institution.

As an entrepreneur, what is your advice to Nigerians?

For entrepreneurs, as things are in Nigeria now, we need to go the extra mile to diversify into different businesses because COVID -19 really affected many of us. Many of the entrepreneurs are out of business because there is no fund for them to continue. Secondly, many have closed offices because of raw materials and the high rate of foreign exchange. For those who are still in business, I want to encourage them to believe that they will succeed.

What is your advice to the government in dealing with the unfavorable economic situation in Nigeria?

My candid advice is for government to make everything possible to see the value of naira appreciate because as of today, a naira to the dollar is N500, and it is hell.

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