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December 3, 2023

Onitiri to parties: Give Nigerians a world-class president

Lagos politician and socio-political activist, Chief Adesunbo Onitiri has called on Nigerians not to allow politicians to impose another old, sick and retired man as a president, come 2023.

Rather, he said, whoever will emerge as president after General Muhammadu Buhari should be a young, brilliant, highly educated visionary and dedicated person, with love for the country.

In a Press statement in Lagos yesterday, Onitiri said the politicians and political parties attempting to impose older, sick candidates should please stop the huge, deadly joke.

“With what Nigerians have suffered and still experiencing in the hands of the present APC maladministration during which the prices of foodstuffs and all other essential commodities have gone out of the reach of the common man, Nigerians must be meticulous in choosing their leaders during the 2023 general elections,” he advised. 

“How can some people, with the country’s shambolic economy, unprecedented insecurity and corruption, tribal agitations, contemplate bringing another ailing person for us as Mr President, instead of a young, agile, energetic and intelligent person,” he asked. 

“With the vast barrage of highly cerebral and resourceful youths with vision and great mission in Nigeria, its very absurd and wicked for some politicians to start combing hospitals overseas looking for our next President. 

“History will never be kind to such wicked  politicians,” he warned. 

Chief Onitiri pointed out that Nigeria now desperately needs a good manager, highly cerebral, focused and highly committed to salvage the calamity and disaster that has befallen it and rescue it. 

“We need to head-hunt such resourceful, virile and talented persons to help and save us from this calamity. 

“We are looking for leaders like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, Shikh Muhammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum that transformed desert Dubai to first world tourist destination. Leaders like  Mahathir  Mohamad of Malaysia.  

“Our main problem in this country is good leadership.Once we get a good leader, all our problems are solved. There will be no more nepotism, tribalism and agitations. 

“Our insecurity, economic and social problems will vanish and Nigeria will bounce back to prosperity and abundance,” he projected.

The social critic said Nigerians were desirous of getting it right this time around and could not afford to miss the opportunity again in 2023. 

“We have always put forward our worst brains, thus sidelining our best. This time, we want to put forward our best human resources into corporate governance,” he said.

My strong advice to the political parties, he stated, is to head-hunt for such visionary leaders that could help Nigeria come alive. Committed, dedicated and ready to serve. Nigeria is so blessed with visionary, capable and talented persons. 

“Our political parties should search for individuals with intimidating credentials , excellent track records and give them the platforms to contest as Mr President. To some extent, the parties should endeavour to recruit them either home or abroad to come and serve their fatherland,” he suggested. 

He said Nigeria is seriously bleeding and needs a saviour to lead us to the promised land among the comity of developed nations. 

The critic stressed: “Nigeria is a country of world-class talents, scholars and reputed achievers. Let’s hunt for world-class visionary and dedicated President out of our 210 million people.”

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