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Okeke Chibuikem Sinclair: What’s his claim to fame as Clairhub CEO



Tech and revolutionary entrepreneur Okeke Chibuikem Sinclair has achieved global fame as the chief executive of Clairhub, an enterprise that aims at bringing ease and transparency to people looking to exchange their cryptocurrency for cash as well as reliable social media services.

The blazing successes and panache of the Clairhub CEO have given rise to comparisons to colourful tycoons in the crypto space like Elon Musk (the Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX and Tesla virally known for stocking up crypto and stirring controversies in the crypto community.)

Clairhub founder, Okeke Chibuikem Sinclair hails from Anambra State in the South-eastern part of Nigeria. His early life, position in the family, and his parent’s occupation are yet to be fully revealed, but the young Chibuikem is certain to have been finely raised.

The Clairhub CEO pursued his secondary school education at Bishop Onyemelukwe, Odoakpu, Onitsha, and rounded up at St. Charles College, Onitsha in 2015 then moved to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka for his tertiary education.

Sinclair, who started his work life as a multi-level marketer in 2017 and later became an entrepreneur when he founded Clairhub, had over the past years proved his mettle as a go-getter with the way he has grown his company, Clairhub, into a multifaceted business concern.

Like most Nigerians, the astute investor and a trusted crypto trader had a terrible beginning trying to carve a niche for himself while also working endlessly to create a source of wealth for the people languishing in the streets. So far, he’s been able to achieve that by tapping into the world of tech.

The owner of Clairhub has risen as a digital asset and portfolio manager. The dapper king, who boasts of over 20,000 followers on Instagram, has continued to provide training and enlightenment about the dynamics of cryptocurrencies and the basics of trading in crypto.

This training is majorly focused on crypto-naive who are the primary targets of crypto scams.

“I want to continue educating and enlightening the people on the best practices and how to outsmart and overcome the overzealous scammers parading themselves everywhere.”

He has continued to steer his business to success. Despite the unpalatable business environment in Nigeria, he’s been breaking ground, marching on towards achieving his biggest dream, which is becoming the powerhouse of crypto transactions in Africa.

So far, he’s been creating a relationship as well as expanding his business community with people who are not familiar with crypto. Clairhub is expanding and being a notable exchange platform in different west African countries like Ghana and many others.

Aside from trading digital assets, Clairhub’s CEO is a giver. He’s one of the few Nigerians that see philanthropy as a tool that can be used to make the world a better place.

“The world needs all the help humanity can render. That is why the world’s richest men and women commit part of their wealth to impact philanthropy,” the Clairhub’s CEO revealed this while reacting to questions from his followers during a live chat on his Instagram page.

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