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December 2, 2023

Ogungbe: Portable can’t boast of cult gang and expect warm reception

Kenny ‘Keke’ Ogungbe says Portable can’t publicly claim he started a cult gang and expect people to smile at him. In a chat, the music executive, who is also a co-founder of the record label Kennis Music, added that he believes Olamide, the rapper who shot Portable to stardom, is likely not happy with his misconduct.

Portable, who became famous following his collaboration with Olamide in ‘Zahoo Zeh,’ his 2021 hit song, has been in the news over controversial issues. Recently, he claimed to have founded a cult group that terrorised residents in parts of Lagos state years back. He had also threatened to assassinate rival musicians who were nominated alongside him in The Headies 2022. The inspector general of police ordered a probe on the cult claim while The Headies later disqualified him.

Keke said Portable can’t claim he started a group that killed and robbed inhabitants of Lagos, yet expect the public to give him accolades. “Somebody helped him and he became famous. He might have been doing what he was doing before fame but once he became popular, he needed to face reality,” Keke said. “You cannot say you started a cult gang and expect people to smile at you. You cannot say you used to be part of a group that killed, maimed and robbed people. “Give respect to Animashaun. Hip TV is doing this with the American Embassy. They’re not interested in anybody killing anybody.

Americans don’t want to hear any artiste. R Kelly only did pedophilia [and went down for it]. “But you are saying you’re part of a group that killed. I know Ayo Animasahun. He would hack him out. That’s exactly what he did. I feel Olamide doesn’t regret supporting and bringing him out. “If you ask Olamide if he’s happy with Portable. I’m very sure he’d say no. I was discussing this with ID Cabassa. The same thing. Nigerians are wise. I hope he would change.”

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