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Obaseki’s convoy stranded as flood overtakes on Sapele Road

Edo State Governor Godwin Obaseki was left stranded at the RCC junction, Sapele Road, Benin City after heavy rain made the road flooded and impassable. A video of the incident, which occurred on Friday is trending online with a background voice urging viewers to share the video to show that it is payback time for leaders who fail to take needed action to help the people.

The background (male) voice said: “When we told the government to fix the road, they were busy filling the potholes with broken blocks. They think they are suffering the masses. Now it is payback time as the masses are not the only ones suffering the collapse of this road. “The governor is the one inside the vehicle but it has stopped moving.

This is his vehicle (pointing at it), he cannot come down as he is ashamed. Everyone (both the poor and the rich) is feeling the brunt of bad policies in the country.” After a while, the convoy was seen moving away from the flooded part of the road.

However, Obaseki said the state government cannot intervene in fixing the Benin-Auchi and BeninSapele highways because the Federal Government has awarded contracts for the repair of the roads. The governor said his administration has done everything in its power to appeal to the Federal Government to look into the repairs of the wide span of damaged federal roads in Edo.

Obaseki added that his administration has drawn the attention of the Federal Government to its failed roads in the state but nothing has been done yet. He said: “Look at the incident that happened in Ovia River Bridge three weeks ago, in which we lost several lives following multiple accidents. Nothing has been done till now. This shows they don’t care about us in the state.”

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