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NPA installs 36 buoys at Calabar Port channel

Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has installed 36 buoys on the Calabar Port channel in order to secure smooth navigation of vessels. The Calabar Port Manager, Chief Festus Olumati, explained that the port recently received a large vessel and is currently expecting more of such vessels.


He explained in Calabar that the insinuation that Calabar Port was dead is not true, saying that the management of the port had resumed discussions with importers in Aba, Nnewi, Anambra and others to continue patronising the port. Olumati noted that efforts were being made to ensure that importers patronise the port.

The port manager added that infrastructure was being put in place to ensure the safety of vessels and other port users patronising the port. He noted: “You will recall that activities at the Calabar Port were boosted recently as a general cargo vessel berthed with 204 heavy-duty trucks, pipes and other containers.

“The port is still viable and of economic benefit to the state and to Nigeria and it is safe for berthing, hence the need for customers to patronise it to clear their general containers. The significance of the berthing of this vessel is to tell the world that Calabar Port is active and working.

The rumour going round that nothing is happening in Calabar Port is not true. “We have installed 36 buoys to give proper direction to vessels coming into the port and also security boats and marine police have been approved for the port.


We have resumed discussions with importers in Aba, Nnewi, Anambra and others to make them understand why they should start patronising Calabar port.

“The Nigerian Export Processing Zone was built in Calabar because of this port and not because of Port Harcourt. It will make more meaning for importers around here to patronise Calabar port instead of Lagos or Port Harcourt.”


The port manager noted that the dredging of the port channel would resume once the issues around it were settled out of court.

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