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NNPC, Partners Deploy Electric Vehicle Charging Points

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC Ltd) has commenced the deployment of electric vehicle charging points at filling stations in Nigeria with Shafa Energy and Nigus. The partners signed a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding during the flagoff ceremony at a filling station operated by A.Y.M Shafa in Abuja, where an electric vehicle charging station was deployed and used to charge different automobiles.

The Managing Director, NNPC New Energy Limited, a subsidiary of NNPC Group, Kanayo Odoe, said while Nigus is the Original Equipment Manufacturer, NNEL is working with Nigus to supply the equipment, while Shafa Energy provides the outlet for the deployment. He said: “What the partnership entails is this: we have the OEM, which is Nigus, there is NNPC New Energy Limited, and we are the non-operators in this case, working with Nigus to supply the equipment, which are the charging stations across the country.

“A.Y.M Shafa petrol stations will hold the charging equipment. So Shafa filling stations are where the charging stations would sit and these are electric charging stations powered by solar. “So the source of energy is limitless, for as long as there is sunlight we’ll have a generation of energy without looking for diesel or petrol. This is a straight source from God that we are utilising,” Odoe stated. “And aside from charging vehicles, you can also use this to power homes.

That equipment you are looking at now is about a 75KVA generator. So it can charge four homes where you have 15KVA and 20KVA generators. “But at the filling stations, it will be used to charge electric vehicles, whether motorcycles, tricycles or any type of automobile that is powered by electricity,” he added. He said: “There’s going to be a lot of action by NNEL in the renewable energy space. This action will lead not only to electric vehicle recharging stations but also to lighten up Nigeria through solar.

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