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NITAD seeks stronger institutional framework for economic development

Experts in training and development sector of the economy have canvassed policy measures that would enhance local capacities of respective human capital development organisations in the country. Essentially, the experts, under the aegis of Nigerian Institute of Training and Development (NITAD), explained that such move has the potency of enhancing ef-ficiency in service delivery of virtual operations, especially during the current COVID-19 working environment. Besides, NITAD pointed out that the nation stands to save substantial foreign exchange on foreign trips for training and development programmes, with the prescribed local capacity enhancement.

NITAD president and chairman of council, Mrs. Ayoade Igbeyi, made this known in a release that enhanced local training and development facilities hold the ace in uplifting the nation’s economy on a sustainable basis. The release, which was the outcome of deliberations at NITAD’s “Gathering of Fellows” held in Lagos recently, emphasised that that the nation can ill afford postponing efficient local service delivery in both sectors of the economy.

At the fellows’ gathering, the guest lecturer, who is also the Founder and Managing Director of MacTay Consulting, Mr. Tayo Rotimi, stressed the need for stronger institutional framework in both sectors of the economy for enhanced productivity in the country.

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