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NIROH, mandate for socio-cultural redemption – Okoye

With a mission to replicate the economic and socio-cultural trends of the Asian Tiger countries in Igbo land (and Nigeria ultimately), the Ndigbo Royal Heritage Worldwide, NIROH, is set to launch a redemptive initiative aimed at bringing the land back on track to realise her full potentials.


This was disclosed by the President General of Ndigbo Royal Heritage, Dr. Paul Okoye, during an interview ahead of the official launch of the programmes outlined for this project at a world press conference in Enugu on November 11, 2020. According to Okoye, who was chosen for this mandate by the aboriginal Igbo leadership structure as exemplified by Nri Ancient Kingdom, this has become pertinent in view of the fact that the Igbo nation as presently constituted has deviated from the direction laid down by the progenitors.


“Igbo land is presently in tatters and we are of the opinion that a new Igbo initiative must begin, devoid of the usual blame game. I do not believe that the problem of the Igbo is Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani, Efik or whoever. The idea is to liberate the Igbo with a global view, motivating the people to focus on our strengths rather than living in the past.


It is going to involve all of us; people at home and in the diaspora, the clergy, the youths, members of the academia, everyone. We will be targeting the youth and reorientating them towards a path of socio-economic renaissance so they become proud of whom we are once again.


We are republicans in nature, but misapplying that will remain detrimental to us as a people until something is done. In the new programme, the ‘aku ruo ulo’ is one of the priorities, because it is abundantly clear why Igbos have invested little in the  Eastern part of Nigeria.


The way out of the impasse is to create an enabling environment. The youths are stronger, more creative and brilliant. What they need is an enabling environment to excel. I am coming to heal the land and when it happens, everything will take its natural course,” he said.


According to Okoye, an Italian-based technocrat with degrees from institutions in United Kingdom and Switzerland, NIROH’s journey of coming to fruition has been a struggle which started after the civil war from late Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu, until it was unanimously passed on to him.


“NIROH’s mandate in the short and long terms include: Unification of the Igbo Nation at home and in diaspora; Re-orientation and reprogramming of the upward social mobility of the Igbo people and its ascension; Improving the infrastructural development in the Igbo nation; Identification with core Igbo groups both at home and in diaspora who have an infinite pride in and commitment to the fatherland;


Promoting the Igbo cultural essence and correctness; promotion and realisation of the Igbo rich cultural heritage in line with the mandate of Obu Ezumezu Ofo Ndigbo Royal Heritage Worldwide; Galvanisation of the Igbos especially the youths and the mainstream towards patriotic services to fatherland; Provision of a rallying point for the Igbo cohesion and essential unity;


Restoration of confidence in the Igbo people; promoting a comprehensive discussion for the immediate and lasting restoration of the Igbo social and cultural ethos, geared towards the renaissance and development of the conventional social ethics rooted in virtue, honour and value and encouragement of research, documentation and social actions on various issues that affect the Igbo people and the Igbo Interest.”

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