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Nike Miracle Badmus: Embracing Western culture liable for our loss of values

Dr Nike Miracle Badmus is referred to as a lady with many positive sides to humanity by her friends and fans. She is a certified Nurse, practicing in the United Kingdom. She is an event compere with the stage name, MC HONOURABLE OLAYIWOLA. She is also a movie producer and actress. Her passion for helping people made her establish her own charity organisations both in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. In this interview with IFEOMA ONONYE, Badmus speaks on why the Nigerian society is fast losing the values it was once known for and why selfless mothers would make better leaders in government

We heard many good things about you but can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Dr Ambassador Nike Miracle Badmus. I am from a polygamous Muslim family. My parents are dead now. However, they impacted a lot into my life. While in Nigeria, my house was filled with people. Some were housemaids while others were either working for my father or for my mum or step mum. As we grew up, my parents made it a point of duty that we all wake up same time. My parents of blessed memory used to say, the housemaids were not brought in for us and they also have parents as well. We learned to treat people equally. This is one lesson I have learnt and made sure I trained my children to a good standard. My education started at Local Authority Primary School and Corona Apapa. I also attended Trinity Secondary School and Apata Memorial High School in Ire Akari Estate in Isolo. While my universities where I bagged Bsc Statistiscs and MBA Marketing ( both in Nigeria) were in Ilorin and LAUTECH. My journey to United Kingdom was not a planned one but God knows best. My education in England goes thus; I finished my advanced diploma in health and social care from Manchester College in Nichols campus. I got my Diploma in Nursing Studies from University of Central Lancashire(Uclan). I also bagged Bsc Adult Nursing (University of Salford) and PH.D in Public Health. With all these degrees, I still have passion for entertainment. So, I decided to have an entertainment outfit called Mchonourableolayiwola Entertainment Service Limited, which is registered in England and Nigeria. I decided to start anchoring event with stage name MCHONOURABLEOLAYIWOLA. Gradually, I moved into acting and Producing.

You once said you started a career in Entertainment. Tell us the kind of Entertainment you were into?

My journey into the entertainment cirlcle started from my childhood, where I do dramas in school. Even during my NYSC in Lokoja, I was actively in the drama department. I first anchored an event in Nigeria during one of my friends’ birthday parties. When I got to England, I continued being an event compere and I have forever been doing that. I am also a Content Creator, Actor and Producer. I have produced some comedies and movies. Currently, I have a series titled ‘House Of Problem’ going on. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel Mchonourableolayiwola tv to see some of them. One of my movies title ‘Aduke kenke’ is about to be released on my same channel. I have acted in some films by Princess Elizabeth Onanuga and Tamilore Martins…they are yet to be released. I just like love Entertainment. Speaking about my second career, I had always wanted to be a Medical Doctor but unfortunately, physic was a barrier. Finally, becoming a nurse was like a lifesaver. So, I opted for it, and it is a fulfilling job for me.

You also own a foundation that cater for young Nigerians. What inspired establishing the foundation?

Regarding charity organisations, my parents were into charity work but never registered it. So, I got my inspiration from them. So, I have been funding my charities myself before getting anybody involved because giving is a lifestyle. My charities are Idayat Hopesavers Initiatives Foundation and Hopesavers Foundation, both registered in Nigeria and England and Wales. I was inspired by my parents who loved lifting people up. They helped many young people during their time on earth and I love seeing people progress positively especially the youth.

Tell us about the JAMB sponsorship you were planning to execute?

Through my foundation, Idayat Hopesavers Initiatives, I have started and completed the JAMB sponsorship for this year. Some few days ago, for about 100 secondary students. I have two Registered Charities called Hopesavers and they are self-funded by me. I am also a volunteer for more than two charities in UK, even though I am the founder of two charity organisations. During the COVID period, my charity in UK crocheted some fascinator and gave them out to individuals and other charities. While my charity in Nigeria just finished health checks on older adults.

Among all the business and careers you are into, which is the most challenging and why?

All my businesses and careers come with different challenges and I treat them one at a time. I do not mix them up.

If you are asked to give up on any of the business, which will you give up without feeling guilty?

Given up is not an option for me. Winners never quit…likewise Quitters never win. In your profile, you said you came from a home where your parents liked helping others.

How did this inspire you as a young woman?

You are made wealthy or Rich because of others. Do not be selfish. All you have to do is to be sensible because givers never lack. My parents helped without thinking twice. For example, my charity is sponsoring more than 10 people in school. All I want from them is to be a better persons in life, so that they can help others.

There were suggestions that you have interest in politics. Tell us the position you may be considering?

I never said I am interested in politics. However, if I am considered for a position, I will joyfully accept it and do my best within my position.

Do you belong to the group of women, who believe more women should get involved in politics?

Yes! I belong to the group of women with that school of thought. However, not just women, we need more selfless mothers, who feel the pain of others. These kind of women will make better leaders in government.

How do you think women who are interested in politics can overcome challenges of handling the home front and the government?

Never mix your home with politics. If you as a woman has a supportive husband, then, your problem is half solved but, if he is not supportive, it will take God to see you through. Just know that at home, you are a wife and mother while at work, you are the boss.

What is your advice to men who have prejudice about women getting into politics?

Men like that should know that there is nothing they do without good women that is successful. They just need to calm down and allow women to take the drivers’ seat and see our performance. Our society is fast loosing its values.

What would you say is to blame?

We, Nigerians, are to blame. We are adapting the western culture and ignoring our culture and values. By so doing, we are losing it faster than a lighthning. If you were to turn back time to your younger days, would you have considered a career in singing, modelling or acting in movies? I am multi talented. I will consider any profession, apart from prostitution and stealing

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