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December 10, 2023

Nigeria’s energy transition plan on focus at Middle East energy confab

The Nigeria’s energy transition plan will be at the front burner for attraction of huge investment from high networth investors, who will be present at the forthcoming Middle East Energy Conference, Director, Middle East Energy, Packirsaibo Afrah, has said.

Speaking during a virtual press conference, she also said strategies would be analysed and coordinated that can aid to transform the energy sector across Africa, especially for Nigeria as the country moves forward for its energy transition plans and investing in renewables.

She added that participants would brain storm on actionable best practises and implement them into solving the current energy challenges in Nigeria and Africa.

According to her, attention will also focus on solar energy and all the challenges therein, the solutions that are coming up, and the level of innovations, which will help to navigate all the transition by really focusing on the things that matter the most.


Afrah said: “Special session for Nigeria will focus on the country’s national energy transition plans and mandating policies that are required to solve the challenges that the govenrment is facing at the government level. “It will focus very importantly on gas as transition fuel and how it will meet power generation needs, and what powers are in place in order to get to that point where we will have universal electrication.

“We are making plans to even be using power purchase agreement as a funding mechanism for infrastructure develop ment which is at the heart of the energy sector power. “We will focus on solar power project. We wil focus on showcasing the key project that are happening in Nigeria and the way the finances are being managed, the way the frameworks are being developed and we will really be speaking to the investors in the audience and really showcasing Nigeria and its ambitions at the event. “The conference will create a platform for key stakeholders in the energy utility sectot to network in the key region.

Investors will be intending the event especially from across Africa. “Twenty Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from across top utility companies in Africa to participate and discuss challenges, potential, and solutions with each others. “Companies are looking for the perfect solution in terms of incorporating hydrogen, low carbon comination feusl and at the same thing having the infrastructure prepared for the future fuel. This is where I think that the Nigerian experience is very important.”

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