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Nigerians Will Fight Tinubu If He Fails To Deliver – Ofeimun

Odia Ofeimun, a Nigerian poet has said Nigerians will turn against President Bola Ahmed Tinubu if he fails to deliver on his campaign promises before ascending office as the 16th President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Ofeimun who spoke at the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Abuja chapter’s January Reading and Writers Dialogue, asserted that the President’s determination to act in the best interests of his people was being thwarted by forces, particularly those originating in the West.

He, however, emphasised that Nigerians would fight the President if he failed to restore peace in the country out of fear of threats from foreign forces.

Ofeimun focused on education, arguing that it should be made free in Nigeria for the sake of Nigerian children.


He claimed that every President should support this idea.

He noted: “If today, Tinubu tries to do it right, they will fight him; but if because they will fight him, he refuses to do it right, it will be our turn to fight him.”

“In my study of human development, whether in economy or political science classes, I have come to agree that the societies, that give free education, are more likely to be developed society than others.

“Chinese today are outstripping Americans because America is making it difficult; you need to be dripping blood from your body to get something good, even in education.”

According to him, China has advanced because it offers equal chances, putting every young person in a position to help solve any problems that may arise in society.

They can think without the government providing for them. Whatever obstacles a state issue may impose on them, they can overcome as long as they have the ability to think.

Ofeimun stated that Nigeria, a country of roughly 250 million people, would take care of Africa if its people were allowed to produce as they ought to.

Ofeimun stated that activism is an essential component of the poet’s calling when it comes to the poet’s function as the social conscience.

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