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Nigerians need hold leaders accountable – Prophet Davies

Prophetic Evangelist Ekunola Davies is the convener of the Genesis Annual Crusade and founder of Ekunola Davies Ministry, an interdenominational ministry domiciled in the Celestial Church of Christ. He speaks with CHINYERE ABIAZIEM on the much anticipated 2023 general elections, why prayers alone won’t give needed result and sundry matters


What influenced the choice of having the church in your name?

Ekunola Davies Ministry is not a church, it is an interdenominational ministry domiciled in the Celestial Church of Christ with the mandate of teaching, revival and deliverance that the Lord has given to us. It is just like other ministries tied to the name of their founders. We have the David Oyedepo Ministries, among others

This year’s edition of the Genesis Annual Crusade held last Friday, January 13, could you talk about the vision behind the programme?

The Genesis Annual Crusade started in 2001, with the mandate to revive, deliver and teach the word of God to populate God’s kingdom by winning more souls to God.

It started from the youth fellowship of Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Oshodi Parish 3 in 2001. We usually host a youth power night every last Friday of the month, and it was from that programme that we got a vision to host a one day revival, not an annual revival. So we held the revival at Igbehinadun Street in Oshodi. It was immediately after that programme that the Lord spoke to me that everyone that was involved in that programme should not go, that God has given us an assignment to deliver to the Celestial Church. It was very terrible and tough when it first started and we thought it wouldn’t last for more than two or three years.

The first ten editions of the crusade ended in debt. Imagine obeying God’s instruction to do an assignment and after executing the assignment you ended up in debt. You will begin to question yourself if truly God had sent you on the assignment, because the expectation would be that after obeying God’s instruction, everything will work perfectly, and there should be no issue after the project since you are only obeying God’s instruction. But it was a struggle and like a dead end, not knowing that God has his own way of doing His works.

In the last decade, God has been faithful to us. In 2009 we moved to our secretariat at Rehoboth Prayer Mountain, an expanse of land along Ilaro Expressway in Ogun State, to the glory of God. When we started we were small boys and girls. Now in its 23rd edition and the theme this year is about the appearance of the Lord as He appeared to Isaac.

Over the years, we have recorded testimonies upon testimonies, through the ministry and the crusade, God Has raised men and women who are doing exploits for Him in the kingdom assignment and in the professional world. We have accountants, engineers, media practitioners and other professionals who are part of this project and God has been using them to make impacts and build the nation in their own career path.

Since inception, we’ve been recording feedback testimonies. Before now, we were not really paying enough attention to testimonies; we were just doing the work and allowing God to take His glory, but in recent years we have been creating time at the crusade for people to share their testimonies. We have testimonies from people trusting God for the fruit of the womb, those who were looking onto God for life partners have testified to how God has settled them in that area.

There have been testimonies of healing and expansion in business and other areas.

Aside from testimonies of healing, breakthrough and deliverance, God has won souls to his kingdom through the crusade who are now doing exploits for Christ in the christendom.

Are there things God Has told you concerning this year’s general elections?

Prophets are not sent to make predictions, we prophesy when God has commanded us. Prophets can only prophesy what will happen when God has spoken to them. A lot of people and journalists like you have been asking what God is saying about the 2023 election and I have been giving them the same answer. I have not asked God who is going to win the election. I have not asked anything about the election, the only thing I have been doing is to pray for the country, that the election should be peaceful and the Lord should raise the man and woman after His own heart whom he will use to pilot the affairs of this nation.

One thing I am happy about is that there is an increased political awareness among Nigerians – the young and old. During the previous elections, I cannot remember a lot of people asking me about what God has told me about the elections. With the number of including journalists and other Nigerians who have been asking ministers of God about God’s mind concerning the 2023 elections, it is a pointer that despite our many troubles as a nation, Nigerians acknowledge the place of God. It also gladdens my heart that young Nigerians are now more concerned and involved in political activities and it is interesting to see that they are now showing more interest in the quality of people aspiring to lead the country and hold other political offices.

I pray and hope that this renewed fire the 2023 election has sparked will not diminish after the election when winners eventually emerge, because we need to keep that fire burning in order to hold leaders accountable and make sure they are always on their toes to fulfill their campaign promises. When citizens refuse to ask questions and hold their leaders accountable for their actions and inactions, they believe the people are satisfied with their poor performances, meanwhile the reverse is the case.

As ministers of God, we will continue to pray for the peace and prosperity of the nation and continue to sensitise and galvanise our congregation to do their civic duty of registering, picking up their PVCs and coming out to vote on the day of election. Praying alone will not give us the answer, even the Bible says faith without work is dead. After praying to God to give us the leaders He has chosen, we must also take action by voting.

Some persons have expressed that the election might not hold. What is your view?

I may not know what may have prompted that thought, but I believe the Lord’s will be done over our nation.

A cleric reportedly said he foresees a crisis worse than #EndSARS happening after the presidential election result. What is your thought?

The Bible says when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. I believe voting for the right candidate will help avert any form of crisis. We cannot rule out the fact that there will be some pockets of agitations and protests here and there which is normal in any society. In the United States, we saw how the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests took over the country in 2020 and up till now there are still agitations and protests against gun violence. In Europe and other societies where we believe things are working better for them, the people are still agitating and protesting against some anomalies in their society. So we cannot rule out agitations in any society.

It is normal for people to make predictions and say what they have seen, but God is faithful enough to hear the prayer of the righteous and avert all forms of crisis when the people intercede on behalf of the nation.

God told Prophet Isaiah to tell King Hezekiah that he was going to die, the King turned to God and prayed and God added more years to his years. The same can also be said about the people of Nineveh whom God sent Prophet Jonah to prophesy the looming downfall of their city. They repented and God saved the city from destruction. So there is no looming danger that prayer cannot avert. Prophecies are also meant for correction, sometimes God speaks to His prophets to tell the people what will happen and how it can be averted.

As Christians and ministers of God, we will continue to pray against crisis and violence that may lead to anarchy and loss of lives and property in Nigeria, and I believe God answers prayer.

Many concerned Nigerians have recommended restructuring as the way forward for Nigeria. Do you share same view?

I do not like to get involved in political debates. I am a prophet sent to the world and not a politician. I believe the Lord will do the best for the nation and give wisdom to those He has put in charge to lead the nation right.

Your charge to Christians at this time?

Let us remain steadfast and continue to intercede for our nation and the world.

Let us always live and act with the consciousness of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. To the ministers of God, let us pay more attention to our health.

Most men of God breakdown because they do not pay enough attention to their health, so I will advise them to drink enough water, rest well and seek medical help not only when they are weak.

What is your word for Nigerians at large?

The Lord will revive our land and the people shall rejoice. It may be looking hard right now with insecurity, the economy, healthcare sector and other sectors not performing well which has led to a new wave of migration from the country. A journalist asked me recently about my thoughts on the mass migration of young Nigerians from the country, using the social media parlance, ‘Japa’, and my response was that the earth and the fullness belong to God, sons and daughters of God are permitted to move around the world.

We have people from different nations – we have Indians, Japanese, Americans, Europeans etc, here working in Nigeria. They also came from their country to work here. The world belongs to us as the sons and daughters of the Lord and we are permitted to move around. But at the same time we are praying that the Lord will revive the Nigerian economy. The Genesis Annual Crusade will continue to bring hope to those who are still here in the country that they will prosper here and those who are abroad too will prosper wherever they are.

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