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Nigerian freelancers can now offer music production on Gemtracks Beats

In today’s interconnected economy, many international companies have chosen to outsource their tasks to African freelancers. Traditional roles include content writers, web developers and perhaps virtual assistants.


Now with the introduction of music-industry freelancing platform, Gemtracks Beats to Nigeria, there is the possibility to also work in the music industry as well.


The platform was founded in 2017 by Australian-American music producer, Jesse Neo. What started out as a personal online store to sell his own instrumental beats and services, found success in becoming a public marketplace.


Today, the catalogue on the website includes music from all genres, such as pop beats and rap beats. Many of the customers of these beats are established singers from North America and Europe that are looking for tracks to sing to.


According to Business Insider, Gemtracks Beats would benefit Africans the most.


To many unknown Nigerian producers, this could be the beginning of international recognition.


“I have travelled to many countries as part of my job as a musician, and Nigeria is my favourite country to visit,” Jesse told us. “The number of talented artists and music producers in this country is far and wide. It surprises me every time. I want to make it my goal to get their names into the world market.”


Besides selling beats, freelancers can also create custom listings of any music jobs they can provide. These can include music remixing, cover art designing and even lyric writing. The possibilities are endless.


All it takes is one well-known singer to work with a freelancer on a song, and both their lives would change dramatically.


“I’m so happy to see my platform not only changing the music industry, but also giving a chance for Africans to be part of the world stage too,” Jesse reflected. “It is a win-win for both of us.”









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