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February 29, 2024

Nigeria Needs Committed Leaders – Akin Monehin, a Quintessential Thought Leader Shares

To say that Akin Monehin has nine lives is like stating the obvious as his ability to survive many business huddles endeared him to millions both online and offline. And the good news here is that, his passion to impact others’ stands him out amidst his contemporaries.
Aside from his doggedness he has been playing some major roles in capacity building while he shares his thought, unique guidance, inspires innovation and influences others into making better decisions in business.
The humble and agile graduate of Economics from the University of Lagos shared his thoughts on what the Nigeria government needed to do to improve lives and the economy.
Akin Monehin said to fix this country, Nigeria, is not as difficult as it appears that the leaders should hold each other accountable for the outcomes that we have as a country saying “I do not like to comment on national issues as I work for aj multinational, and some may not be able to distinguish my views from that of my company. The risk is there. However, things have gone soj bad that, as a Nigerian, I believe it will be unpatriotic not to add my voice to millions of Nigerians commenting on the polity. Ih want to emphasise that this is my personal opinion as a Nigerian citizen commenting on the Nigerian state. I am not speaking on behalf of Shell, my employer.”
Buttressing his point, he said “To fix this country, Nigeria, is not as difficult as it appears. Some of my friends say Nigeria is complex and that my approach is simplistic. I beg to differ. Certain principles have to be in place for us to experience progress. In the home, in business, in career, in a social club, in a residents’ association and in government – it’s the same set of principles.”
“Nigerian leaders should hold each other accountable for the outcomes that we have as a country. What are the Ministry of Finance, Planning & Budget Office, CBN Governor etc. doing about the worsening state of the economy? What targets do they have? How are theyj trending towards those targets? What is the implication of non-delivery to their political career, for the sake of the people they swore an oath to serve? Have you heard of any minister that has been relieved of their job for non-performance? Don’t we do that in other settings – at work, at games in private ventures, social groups or even in religious circles?” I read some recent court judgments, and I am amused. Who is holding the judiciary to account? That is the hope of the commoner!”
He also emphasized that during the Obasanjo administration; some highly placed people were charged and convicted for corruption while asking if we had saints since Yar’adua’s administration? 

“I was speaking to the CEO of one of the indigenous oil & gas companies recently, and we concluded that the problem of Nigeria is a leadership problem. There is nothing like a “Nigerian Problem” like we like to deceive ourselves. It’s a leadership problem. There’s a Nigerian proverb that says the fish begins to rot from the head. Leaders set the tone. Nigeria needs leaders committed to improving the quality of life of the man on the street. Simple, get such people in power and watch things begin to turn around. We are at a precipice and the time to act is now.” He concluded

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