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Nigeria can’t afford another Civil War –Methodist Prelate

Prelate of Methodist Church, Dr Oliver Ali Aba, spoke to OKEY MADUFORO on Sunday issues in Anambra, Excerpts:

During the presentation of the new Bishop of Awka Diocese, Moses Nwakamma, he talked about the union of all churches and religions, was he taking about Ecumenism?

Yes, Ecumenism has been in place among christians and that reminds me, I have just returned from Kenya where we had our all African branches of churches and last month we had all Methodist Council meeting and very soon we are going to Sweden for World Council of Churches and particularly the Methodist Church . So we are already united and I think that what the Bishop is saying is that the issue of name of churches doesn’t matter at all.

Though the names have already divided us there must be what we call unity in diversity. First of all our aim is to make heaven and we the spiritual leaders are the conductors and we should able to come together and take our people to heaven. Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us that injunction to take care of His flock and He never told us to divide the church and that means that which ever denomination that we find ourselves we should focus on making heaven and that means taking the people to God and not to divide the church of God .

As you saw during the service, there were representatives from the Catholic Church, Anglican Church, the Pentecostal Church and the rest of them. So, what is most important is winning souls for God and for Christ and not which denomination do you belong. It is this issue of denomination that appears to be the problem but be that as it may, the Christians are united and would always be united irrespective of the denomination. May 29 is around the corner and there is this apprehension across the country that there would be crisis or trouble before then or after…

Nothing would happen and nothing is going to happen. We Nigerians should be able to love our country. Are we happy with what is happening in Sudan?

Are we happy with what is happening in Kenya? I left Kenya last week and last Friday the news emerged that about 89 individuals were buried as an act of cultism or whatever which the Kenyan government is saying is an act of terrorism but it has gone beyond ordinary cultism. So all I’m saying is that every Nigerian must have what we call shock absorber and we must agree to take our nation to the next level.

Do you know that Nigeria is the hope of African continent. When they see us other nations in Africa call us their father and why must we not act like fathers to these nations?

So o we must live by example After all, we say that we are the giant of Africa, so we must live by what we are. I am only saying that, that day is just a normal day, a day of democracy in Nigeria. All we know is that one person must be there and not two persons at a time, and I want to believe that whether we are right or wrong we must join hands to build a better Nigeria for the future especially Nigerians yet unborn and we must fight for our future.

We have been with these politicians for long and they have what they call no permanent friend, no permanent enemy but permanent interest. They are only looking for permanent interest and we must not create trouble for this country and we must not beat the drum of war. All we know is that God is with us and God loves Nigeria and God will keep Nigeria together.

But the last general election is seen as not credible and people are challenging the process?

My brother I only read the Bible and I didn’t study Political Science. But all that I am saying is that whether we are right or wrong, we must join hands to build a better Nigerian society. Are you saying that everyday that your mother cooks food it would always be sweet? Some times you witness too much salt or pepper or no pepper and you will still eat that food no matter what or how bad it is. So, I want to believe that we as a nation must come together because let me tell you what you don’t seem to understand is that I have travelled far and wide and I have seen what is happening in other parts of the world.

Nigeria is too big to have trouble. Cameroon has trouble and even Cote d’Ivoire there is crisis and they are running to Nigeria for safety and you want us to go into a war or political crisis, if that happens where shall we run to?

Are we going to the Republic of Benin or where? You are a child of God and you are calling for another war in this country. Nigeria cannot afford another war or political crisis anymore and we should discourage that prospect of war at this time. Many of the people that are talking about war did not see the Nigerian Civil war and even those that witnessed or experienced the war were too young and some were still sucking their mothers’ breasts. Those of us that saw the war cannot even dream or talk about another war in this country. War is an evil wind that blows no good. Nigeria has seen war before and we know the grave implications of that war to us as Nigerians and this issue of trying to cause trouble or controversy because of election is I’ll advised. The day May 29 is just another or normal day and it will come and go and there is nothing that would happen that day but the inauguration of a new President for this country. Nigerians have come a long way and what we need at this point is to move the country forward and not to cause trouble. Nigerians are not prepared for another war again, all that we need is to move on and try to better our country and its citizens.

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