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Niger Delta Youths Ask Tinubu To Support North Central Senate Presidency

A Niger Delta youth group under the aegis of Niger Delta Progressive Youths Frontiers has asked the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to support a ranking Senator from the North Central geo-political zone to emerge as President of the Senate in the 10th Assembly.

The group made the appeal in an open letter to Tinubu, signed by its Secretary General, Oyinemi Nicholas Endeley, and made available to journalists in Abuja on Tuesday.

It claimed that, apart from the North Central, aspirants from other parts of Nigeria selfishly worked for themselves in the February 25 Presidential and National Assembly elections, saying that the results showed that they polled higher votes for themselves compared to what the President got in their Senatorial Districts.

Part of their statement reads, “As laid out above, it is no gainsaying that one region exceptionally stood out and that is the North Central. A region that has been marginalised for decades and crying for a President of North Central extraction, yet standing very strong in solidarity with you when the need arose.

“The region for long has been described in previous elections as the swing region, swung to your direction and in your favour. They deserve the first right of refusal to any key office under your administration.

“That is why it is scandalously laughable to see groups come out to demand that the office of the Senate President be zoned to their region. This unholy demand, to say the least, smacks of greed and an unnecessary sense of entitlement.

“It is even more ridiculous, shameful and myopic on the part of these political orphans who rather than making frantic efforts to literally be putting their home fronts in order are busy scheming for political offices when they made no significant contribution to the actualization of your dream of the Presidency.

“The President-elect Sir, four years is like four days, and the most expedient and reasonable thing to do is to consolidate on your victory, reward zones and people for their hard work and competence.

“The reason is not far-fetched, this is Nigeria, even if you turn some states and regions to El dorado, the majority of them will never see you as their President, and that is the truth. So while you do your best in transforming Nigeria, it is very pertinent that you know your base and reward your base.

“Finally, the most delicate and sensitive position up for grabs now is that of the Senate President and the race has started for the exalted seat. We saw the most chaotic dispensation under a certain Bukola Saraki of the PDP, who came to the APC, dressed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“Not believing in the principles of the progressives, his true character showed for all to see.

“Mr President-Elect, this letter is to implore you to cover yourself in glory once again and recommend a man who is a true progressive, a thorough-bred progressive like yourself. If no one will tell you, let me tell you of an honourable character, a man who hails from the region most deserving of the exalted seat.

“A man who in secret and in public stood behind you and is a major factor in your victory today; a man who hails from the state where you were first introduced to the northerners as the Jagaban Borgu, a title that now has international recognition.

“A man who under his Senatorial District where he holds sway, delivered more votes than the entire South East and four states in the South-South.”

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