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Niger Coup: Think Twice, War Isn’t An Option, Primate Ayodele Tells ECOWAS

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church on Friday called on leaders of the Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) led by Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to rethink the declaration of military action against the Junta in Niger Republic.

Primate Ayodele’s call is coming barely 24 hours after the Heads of Government of the ECOWAS declared immediate military action against the Military Junta on Thursday during a summit held in Abuja, Nigeria.

It would be recalled that on Thursday, July 27 the President of Niger Republic, Mohamed Bazoum was ousted following the coup d’etat by the military junta.

Reacting to the outcome of Thursday’s summit, the cleric in a statement issued by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, posited that the war will escalate beyond the West Africa region and spread across every part of the African continent.

According to him, war isn’t the best option and if Dialogue doesn’t work, Niger Republic should be left alone because innocent people will be killed if the war starts.

He, however, advised leaders of the continent to seek the face of God instead of taking decisions based on their intelligence.

The statement reads, The war will collapse ECOWAS, AU, and every African commission. I urge them to seek the face of God, war isn’t an option and it will escalate beyond necessary. This isn’t just a regional war, it will spread across every African nation. We don’t need this war because innocent people will be killed, leaders will be killed and we will pay heavily for it.

“I want to tell all African leaders, the US, France, and every interested party that they will not escape God’s judgment if this war happens in Africa.’’

‘’African leaders don’t value themselves. We don’t value ourselves and what we have. Let them leave Niger alone and let the country breathe than terrorizing and threatening the peace of the nation. They have gotten it wrong with the order of military action. This will not end the coup in Africa, they can’t see far.’’

The religious leader revealed that some forces are pushing African leaders to fight themselves but they are not seeing it. He also blamed the declaration of military action on fear of being ousted as a result of maladministration and long-term tenures by African leaders. He made it known that the war will not end the coup in Africa.

He stated that there will be tension in the continent and more refugees will arise as a result of the war if it is embarked on.

He added that the war will only add to the economic woes of the continent and will not stop the emergence of military coups in Africa.

‘’Forces are pushing African leaders to fight themselves but they are not seeing it. I said earlier that Africa will begin to fight Africa and now it is coming to pass. God loves Africa but because of corruption, and long-term tenures in the continent, they are all afraid of being ousted.

“The declaration of military action against the Niger Republic is simply borne out of their fear of being removed too because they have not performed well in their countries and have been puppets of the Western world.’’

‘’Some African countries will begin to create tensions and there will be more refugees in the continent as a result of this impending war. Why should we fight ourselves? Dialogue is still an option because military action will not stop coups in Africa.’’

‘’The economy of the continent is not good, why do we want to add more woes by fighting? The country will be more peaceful if they allow the junta to continue, all they need is dialogue with them. African leaders should think twice about this, they need to seek divine intervention. It’s painful that they don’t rate God, they berate God.’’

Underscoring the consequences of the impending war, Primate Ayodele stated that Nigeria will be affected more and will be plunged into more crises than the nation is presently handling. Going back the memory lane,

He recalled his warnings to Nigerians against voting APC into power during the 2023 presidential election, stating that the current crisis has confirmed his prophecies to be true.

‘’I pity Nigeria a lot because the country isn’t in a good state at the moment. I warned Nigeria against voting for APC in the last presidential election. I told them what will happen and it is all happening in barely three months of Tinubu’s presidency. This war will consume Nigeria, it will affect the government and the citizens; including the rich and the poor.’’

Speaking further, Primate Ayodele blasted African leaders for being naïve over the years and allowing the Western world to control them despite having several natural and mineral resources. He reinstated his advice to leaders in the continent to shun war and seek God’s face for a lasting solution to salvage the situation in the Niger Republic.

‘’Africa has many natural and mineral resources that can make the continent self-sufficient. Why must we behave like slaves to the Western world?

“We can survive without them, they can’t survive without us yet our leaders follow their rules and directives. We don’t have visionary leaders in the continent and that’s why ECOWAS leaders are being pushed by the West to start war in Niger Republic.’’

‘’War will destroy Africa, it will bring more hardship, sorrow, economic destruction, and anguish. Politicians won’t be safe anymore because they will become subject to attacks by rebels. The war will escalate more than normal. African leaders should not invoke God’s anger.’’

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