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February 25, 2024

New Legal Year: Sanwo-Olu Wants Legal Community To Ensure Continuous Justice

…As clerics insist that judges, lawyers have a moral obligation to uphold justice, fairness

The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has tasked the legal community in the state to ensure that justice continues to be served even in the most trying times.

Speaking at The Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina, Lagos, as part of activities to commence the new legal year for the state judiciary, Governor Sanwo-Olu, said “The dedication of our legal community has ensured that justice continues to be served even in the most trying times”, urged the judges “to continue in this line, bearing in mind the work you do for the smooth functioning of our society”.

While emphasizing the importance of collaboration between the executive, legislature and judiciary, the governor stated, “Building the Lagos State of our dream, requires that all hands must be on deck.

“We’ll do everything within our powers to make the environment conducive, to enable you to discharge your duties without fear or favour”.

The state’s helmsman revealed that his administration has made “the commitment to finish the Tapa Court, the GIC, Taylor Magistrate Court and also to ensure that all our magistracy has asked for privately, we will do publicly and more”.

Meanwhile, the Chief Judge of Lagos State, Kazeem Alogba, has apportioned blame on parents for what he perceives as the moral decadence in the society.

Speaking during a public address to mark the new legal year at the Central Mosque, Lagos Island, the CJ, who expressed concerns over the deteriorating moral values, stressed the need for parents to take a more active role in imbibing good character and moral conduct in their children.

On his part, an Islamic cleric, Abdulgafar Mofesaye, advised judges and lawyers to steadfastly avoid corruption at all costs in the dispensation of justice.

He stressed that judges and lawyers had a moral obligation to uphold justice and fairness. The cleric further insisted that corruption not only undermines the integrity of the legal profession but erodes the foundations of a just society.

At the church service, the Diocesan Bishop of Lagos, Rt. Rev Ifedola Senasu Gabriel Okupevi charged the governor to rule with equity and also admonished judges to allow fairness to show in their judgments.

The clergyman also told the judges not to deny or delay justice, referencing Exodus 23:1-9, as read by Justice Oluwatoyin Ipaye.

According to the preacher, “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. Do not deny justice to the poor people in their lawsuits. Have nothing to do with a false charge, and do not put an innocent or honest person to death.

“Do not accept a bribe, for bribe blinds those who see and twist the words of the innocent”.

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