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New Legal Website,, Receives Favourable Reviews

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Since its launch on April 3, 2023, has been receiving favourable reviews as a game-changer for the Nigerian legal community, with subscribers praising the website’s comprehensive collection of digital legal tools and resources.

For instance, a subscriber who is a legal practitioner of 15 years standing, said: “I am impressed with the amount of useful information available on the website. I can easily access legal reporting, automation tools, and a library of curated research tools. It saves me so much time, and it’s a great value for my money. “I was paying much more for a similar service with another provider”.

Another subscriber, who subscribed on the day of the launch noted : “I am impressed with the breadth of legal resources available here. It has made my research work so much easier, and the price point is very attractive.” Continuing, he stated: “The site will New legal website,, receives favourable reviews definitely revolutionise the way I do my research.

The vast library of judgements from Nigerian courts is invaluable, and the automation tools have the potential to save me a lot of time”. Another subscriber said: “I love how the website automates some of the processes I used to have to do manually. It’s such a time saver, and it helps me to be more efficient in my work”.

The website offers an extensive collection of judgements from Nigerian courts, including the West African Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Nigeria. It also has tools for automating the daily tasks of legal practitioners in Nigeria, such as downloadable forms and precedents that subscribers can edit and customise for their own use.

Additionally, subscribers have access to a premium service that gives access to cloud-based diaries and law firm management tools. With its supports for legal education in the country, the website has a dedicated section for law students. A law student who subscribed to the website said: “The study guides will be incredibly helpful in preparing for exams.

They are concise and provide a good summary of the key concepts in each topic”. Other modules that early subscribers to the website have commended are the community knowledge sharing, process automators, personalised diaries and study companion modules.

The website offers a subscription- based model for access to its comprehensive library of digital judgements, legal documents, automation tools and study guides for law students. The study guides and summaries are available for exam revisions and are specially designed to help students in their studies and research.

The website’s founders stated that “our mission is to make legal resources easily accessible and available on demand for the Nigerian legal community, and we are glad that our subscribers are finding our platform useful”.

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