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Negative narratives affecting young muslims–Cleric

The challenges confronting young Muslims today are probably worse, due to negative narratives about Islam from the western media and stigmatization arising from terrorism. The Vice President of Lekki Muslim Ummah, Dr. Abdul Ganiy Labinjo, who said this while delivering a lecture at the yearly virtual public lecture of The Shooting Star of Islam 1942, themed ‘Al Quran the mystery and the miracle of all times’, tasked Islamic scholars to dwell on the miracle of the Holy Quran to address the concerns and curiosity of the youths as they relate to contemporary issues in society. He said that the pervasive subtle and overt discrimination against the Muslim compounds the dilemma of today’s Muslim youth.

“This is not to mention the failure of some of our leaders but to focus more and address these issues instead of dwelling on rather superficial and unnecessarily divisive mundane subjects.

This has posed a challenge of identity to our youths of today. It is often a herculean task to make Islam attractive to some of the youths and we all have a responsibility to address this”. Labinjo said it is necessary to examine the phenomenon at the Holy Quran at this critical time to satisfy our curiosity, reinforce our Iman and arm the youths with appropriate orientation with which to engage as the need may arise. He explained that the Holy Qur’an was in complete agreement with modern scientific knowledge.

“In an attempt to establish the Holy Quran’s sanctity and discuss its mysterious attributes, modern scientific knowledge helps to understand what was hitherto difficult to comprehend, contemplate, and interpret in the Holy Quran. Most of the discoveries that science brags about in areas of astrophysics, medicine, oceanography, geology, astronomy, nuclear physics, and others are mentioned in the Quran that was revealed 1400 years ago.

He cited a few examples to elucidate the point that the Quran gives insight into some natural phenomena and contemporary scientific discoveries. “Let us examine the aspect of predictive revelation Shakirah Adunolas in the Qur’an. Q, 111. Surah Lahab was revealed 10 years before the death of Abu Lahab, the prophet’s uncle, and his wife.

It said they would both die unbelievers and will be in hellfire. How could the Holy Prophet have been so categorical that his uncle would die, as unbeliever if he weren’t sure that he was merely a conveyor of the word of Allah? If we could not confirm his being in hellfire, at least it is recorded that he died an unbeliever.

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