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Nd’Igbo: As Leadership Beckons on Benjamin Kalu

Change is inevitable although we hardly see it coming. It is common knowledge that a signature is an acceptable mark of identification. Therefore, in the public and private sectors, a conscientious leader will strive to leave indelible and enduring marks. To do less could attract historical opprobrium.

Although much disapproving political outing has been witnessed in the Southeast region since the return to democracy in 1999, there is still room to right the wrongs and steer the region in the direction of economic and political prosperity. However, before this can be achieved, Nd’Igbo must re-evaluate their priorities, character, and what they stand for in the polity.

As the great Malcolm X once said, “A Man who stands for nothing will fall for anything”. So, will Nd’Igbo accept the current leadership distribution in the polity and embrace their own? Luckily, we may not have to look too far outside the current leadership formation to find a rallying point whose wealth of experience and track record of achievements in private and public sectors have potentially positioned him to help set a progressive tune for us in national politics.

Despite the unending dialectics across party divide in the region coupled with unresolved bickering among elders and frontline politicians, the emergence of Distinguished Hon Benjamin Okezie Kalu representing Bende Federal Constituency as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives offers a glimmer of hope on two fronts.

One is the fact that the zone was not marginalized in the distribution of national leadership positions. Secondly, it offers the region an opportunity to depart from that vicious circle of personalized politics of retrogression which had over time encouraged the recycling of leaders without any form of integration.

First elected in 2019, Rt Hon. Kalu was the chairman House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, a position he held to the admiration of many. He played a vital role in ensuring that the activities of the House were properly disseminated in the media so that Nigerians would appreciate the efforts of their representatives towards their law-making and oversight functions.

An astute lawyer, Benjamin Kalu has distinguished himself as a member who is well respected for his sterling qualities and exemplary knowledge of the legislative process. Young, intelligent, and dynamic, he is a man of integrity who has proved his mettle. As a true Patriot, he is committed to service to humanity in every sense of the word.

Among the 40 bills he sponsored in his first tenure was the highly inspiring and impactful bill that sought to alter the amended 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by replacing the item “prison service” in the exclusive legislative list with ” correctional services” in the concurrent legislative list. This very historic legislative effort was assented to by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Indeed, Hon Kalu has carved a niche for himself as a selfless leader who believes strongly that government exists for the greatest good of the people. Today, he is one of the leading lights in the National Assembly.

He believes that this is a demonstration of the confidence his colleagues across party lines have in him and also a challenge for him to play a greater role in integrating Nd’Igbo into mainstream politics.

Succinctly put, the southeast region is better positioned politically with the emergence of Rt Hon. Kalu as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. His contacts and influence present a new dawn in leadership recruitment in the southeast region.

Nd’Igbo must not make mistakes about this rare opportunity. There is an urgent need to be alert and face the business of leadership and followership if progress can be made. We must be clear about our position in the Nigerian political space at this time.

Rt Hon. Kalu has the advantage of education, exposure, an influential platform, and the courage to put Nd’Igbo and the southeast region on a sound political track.

Rt Hon. Kalu represents a new era for our people. He is like the Biblical Moses who will lead us to the Promised Land. The Deputy Speaker is well-armed with courage, integrity, capacity, and compassion to embark on this foray.

All we have to do as a people is get ready for the ride. Hatred, strife, disunity, and disregard for other tribes are major obstacles we must avoid. We also have to prepare our minds for major hurdles on the road and trust Rt Hon. Kalu to drive us to our destination, safely.

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