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February 27, 2024

Natural ways to whiten teeth

There is nothing as embarrassing as smiling with yellow or brown teeth. This is why teeth whitening has become one of the most lucrative businesses in health care in Nigeria and all over the world. Many, who cannot afford to get the expensive permanent kind of teeth whitened, keep looking for cheaper ways of achieving the same or closer result. The tips below are rated as oldest ways of whitening teeth. Trying a few can help for brighter teeth.

Charcoal Paste

Charcoal is one of the oldest teeth whitening remedies in the eastern part of Nigeria. I once heard my grandmother telling someone that the days when people depended on charcoal to brush has gone and that since then, her teeth has changed into colours she cannot recognize. But now, Activated charcoal is one of the newest buzz terms because of its detoxifying benefits. Turns out, it’s also a great dental whitening solution. A dentist at New Jersey’s Creative Dental Care, Joseph Banker of Westfield, stated that the granules are very porous, binding bacteria before it stains the teeth. In his words: “Mix charcoal with a small amount of water, and gently apply it to all the surfaces of the teeth. Leave the activated charcoal in place for two minutes, and then rinse with water until all of the charcoal is gone.”

Eat Crunchy Fruits and Veggies

Apples, celery, and carrots are all great for the teeth. Crunchy fruit or vegetables act like nature’s toothbrush. Simply chewing removes excess food and bacteria from your mouth. It also helps to scrub away surface stains. Not only does the texture remove food particles and bacteria, but the acids in the fruits and vegetables pull double duty, actually keeping the teeth whiter. Apples in particular contain malic acid, the chemical also found in strawberries (and teeth whitening products) that removes surface stains.

Orange and Banana peel can help Orange peel is also known to be an old remedy for teeth whitening.

The liquid that comes out from the orange peel is said to have enzymes that remove stain from teeth. Simply press the liquid on your teeth and leave it for one minute before brushing and rinsing. Also the inside of a banana peel, which is rich in potassium, magnesium, manganese, and other minerals is used to whiten teeth. The rich minerals in a banana are absorbed into your enamel and have healthy whitening effects. After you brush and floss, it is recommended that peeling a ripe banana and then rubbing a piece of the inside on your teeth for two minutes. Then rinse and repeat again before bed.

Brush twice daily

Brushing twice daily helps maintain healthy teeth. Brushing before bed removes food particles that stain the teeth. So, once you brush your teeth before bed, avoid eating something after unless you may have to brush again.

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