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Nairaland Founder, Osewa Apologizes To Igbos Over Lagos Ethnic Political Advert

Following the advert on the platform of Nairaland Forum against Igbos in Lagos State, the founder of the platform, Seun Osewa, has tendered an apology to Igbos across the world.

Osewa in a statement regretted allowing the political advert to appear on his platform. He said the advert was made to instil fear in Yorubas.

His apology came after an advert on his website which stated, ‘Lagos can never be run from Anambra; go and vote,’ was deemed ethnically divisive by many.

He said, “I sincerely apologize for allowing a toxic political banner advert which said, ‘Lagos can never be run from Anambra; go and vote’ to run on Nairaland for several hours on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

“The mischievous worded banner advert appears to have been part of an ethnically divisive political campaign aimed at securing Lagos State for the ruling party by instilling fear in Yoruba people, making them believe that Igbo people intended to take over Lagos State.

“Such ethnically divisive political campaigns have no place in a forward-thinking democracy and for this reason, the advert should have been taken down instantly. No harm was intended but my lack of forethought about the ethics of that type of advert led to a disappointing outcome.

“We should have had a clear policy against accepting negative and ethnically divisive adverts on Nairaland, we should have communicated it to all advertisers and we should have taken down any advert that violated that policy instantly. This will all be in place before the next election.

“We made almost N16,000 from the advert. We will double it and donate it to victims of Political violence in Lagos. Please do not give up on Nigeria. The times are challenging but together we will overcome.”

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  • You are a racialst but i want everyone to remember we all as humans on this earth we all have one last name 6 feet under whether white, black nigerian or Asians we all will answer our stewardship before God and Allah because both preached love your follow humanbeings but dont, and you have committed SINS before him.

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