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Naija Star Search hits up as competition enters final stage


The last episode of Naija Star Search was designed to calm the contestants’ nerves after weeks of battles that narrowed down the contestants’ number from 17 to 5.

The top 5 contestants performed to the delight of all, putting forward their creative agility.

Skimzo, Eniola, Kachi, GreySky and Melo are the last guys standing, comprising three males and two females. Before the show’s kick-off in September, only five ladies made it to the competition out of seventeen contestants. The judges were bashed for ignoring gender balance. But as the show enters the final round, the ladies have shown that they are amazons.

Eniola, the lady with the big voice, is undoubtedly one of the finest Naija Star Search contestants. She always dominates the stage with her presence, voice, and dance steps. She amazes the judges with her hot lyrics and moves, and the audience is thrilled. Her vocal control is second to none. The judges’ remarks on her performance further boost her morale. They think she’s already a superstar.

GreySky, the lady with Grace, made her way through this round of competition through consistency. She gets better at every performance, a sign of diligence and hard work.

In the last episode, GreySky wowed the judges with her performance, so much so that ID Cabasa had to do a fist bump with Asha Gangali. GreySky is original, and she has progressed tremendously. She can pick up and flow with the beats even when she misses her lyrics. This has been working well for her in the competition.

The judges emphasised that GreySky was in the competition not by mistake, following the circumstances of her emergence as one of the 17 contestants, but because she has what it takes to compete in Naija Star Search.

Kachi, the guitar boy with a calm and ever-smiling demeanour, is deemed one of the contenders for the star prize. Rehearsing with Kachi is always fun as he already knows the rudiments of making good music. He knows how to pick up and drop notes and what it means to stay on key. Kachi vibes differently, steady on the mic, and his lyrical tone is mesmerising.

Melo is an embodiment of Afrobeats’ talent. His consistency in dropping hits at every performance, his vocal clarity, and his songwriting skills are top-notch.

Skimzo, with the signature ‘you already know,’ is a special breed of Afrobeats artiste as far as the competition is concerned. He has been consistent in his performances, and the audience is rooting for him because of his style. Skimzo is deep-rooted in street vibes that resonate with Naija’s Afropop music lovers. When Skimzo fires up the stage, everyone goes wild in ecstasy.

In the next episode, the finalists for the final show on November 27 will be unveiled.

Naija Star Search is a collaboration between StarTimes Nigeria and Kennis Music toward preserving Afrobeats.

Winners will get a whopping sum of N10m in cash prizes, a recording contract, and an opportunity to reach the skies.

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