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February 25, 2024

My relationship with White Money –San Grace

Nollywood actress, San Grace spoke with FAVOUR EGBUOGU on her acting career and future plans

How did you become an actress?

It was during the COVID-19 lockdown when there was nothing to do, so I came up with an idea which I happen to disseminate a video via the media and fortunately it went viral and gradually I started to generate fans. Although I had always wanted to be a public figure and also a media personality, it happened though, but I didn’t get the kind of attention I expected. So I felt there is no bad publicity because the content in question might not appeal to all but the truth is many loved it because of the humour.

How are you preparing for your next content as we understand you are working on a TV show?

Well, my crew and I have started background work before the big picture, which is going to be different from the normal ones that the public are used to. It is strictly going to be a family thing so that families can get to be together and learn from it. It’s really going to be educative because it’s going to be rich in content. It will be out on you tube first, that’s what am working on, then later move it to conventional TV media. Because the show is going to be content for family, the public and likewise those who don’t have phones, so they can benefit from it. We are really looking forward to that.

Do you have sponsors for it?

That is the intention of my content and that is why for the talk show, we are going to be having the business aspect of it, the relationship aspect and celebrities aspect too. So with that it could attract cooperate bodies in a way or aid in sponsorship. As well as family and friends who would love to be partakers too can get involved.

What is your relationship BBN housemate, White Money?

Wow! The video was just my own thing and way of generating more fans for White Money because I happen to be a great fan of his and in my own little way to promote him and get people talking. I am happy he is in the final. But all those things, I never menat them. It is only those close to me that know it’s not true, but the public won’t see it that way because they believe whatever that is disseminated on the media due to how real I make it seem. From my own angle, I just said that to promote him that’s all. You know I am an actor and I make sure that my expressions rhymes with my words. It is only few people who knows my content that will take the actions away from the video and see that it is just a mere act. It’s a video skit. White Money is one BBN Housemate I believe has all it takes to win this season’s show, so I did that to create a buzz around him so as to get him promoted there by having more fans and the likes so that’s it.

If you had the opportunity to meet White Money what would you do?

I will bring him on my talk show as a celebrity guest. I will love to be his friend, a very good one at that because I love his personality. He is a good person, very decent, he is generous. So far so good from what we’ve seen he has shown a great deal of self esteem and I just love him for that.

In terms of intimacy will there be such with you both if granted the opportunity?

No! I don’t think so, at least for now, but I never say never anyway

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