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Muslim community prays for Lagos, Nigeria on 2023 general election

The Muslim community of Lagos has called on Almighty Allah to intervene in the affairs of the State and Nigeria as a whole, amidst rising insecurity and economic hiccups bedeviling the country. The Muslim ummah, who made the call during a special prayer for Lagos and Nigeria in Lagos recently, also urged adherents of the Islamic faith not to relent in their prayers for the nation, saying that prayers can resolve anything.

The special prayer was held at the Blue Roof, LTV 8, Lagos under the chairmanship of Sheikh AbdulHafeez Abou, the Baba Adinni of Lagos State. In attendance at the special prayer session were leading Muslim scholars in Lagos that included Alhaji Ash- Sheikh Sulaiman Faruq Onikijipa, the Grand Mufti of Ilorin. The prayer session which lasted for hours was observed in the presence of representatives of different Muslim groups including NASFAT, Anwarull- Islam, Ansar-ud-Deen, Nawair-ud- Deen and MUSWEN, among others. The prayer session was also attended by the Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Lagos State chapter, Bishop Stephen Adegbite.

The Muslim Ummah commended the effort of the Mr. Babajide Sanwo- Olu, the Executive Governor of Lagos State, “For the wonderful work he is doing and prays that God continues to guide our leaders and steer the affairs of Lagos and Nigeria to glory.”

They sought the forgiveness of Allah for sins that may hinder the acceptance of prayers. They then observed nawafil (supererogatory prayers) and supplicated fervently afterwards. They pleaded that Allah (SWT) in his infinite mercy saves the country from banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery and other life-threatening menace that prowls the country.

Besides, the clergymen also prayed that Allah safeguards the country and her citizens from possible chaos in the upcoming general elections. The President of the Ummah in Lagos State, Prof. Tajudeen Gbadamosi, a professor of History, in his welcome address, stressed the need for the citizens to seek divine intervention for the country.

He observed that the state of insecurity in the country has become so daring and lampoons many other issues that affect the citizenry. He implored Muslims and the electorates in general to vote for candidates with glaring track records of competency and success over the years. “It is a grand special prayer session for the benefit of our nation and state,” said Prof. Gbadamosi, adding , “We believe it’s important to pray for our nation and state, especially at this point in time when we are bedeviled by many ills; banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, advance fee fraud and all sorts of ills.

This is the time for us to rise and pray for our country and state.” Speaking further, he said, “We are aware of course that the government of Nigeria is trying its best to ensure that we have a country that is safe and secure. We are equally aware that the Lagos State government under the leadership of Mr. Babajide Sanwo- Olu is also trying to make Lagos safe for both residents and indigenes, but in spite of their efforts, we must not relent. “We are doing this on our own. We are not being sponsored by any political party, government official or office.”

Ekemode urged Muslims to be committed to Nigeria’s development Dr. Na’eem Ekemode stressed the need for Muslims to be proactive and committed to the overall development of Nigeria, and urged everyone to participate actively in the upcoming general elections. He urged Muslims to vote for a candidate that has Muslims and the citizenry at heart. According to him, “We know there is nothing we can do without the blessing or consent of God. It appears as if we’re retrogressing. “This country was producing Volkswagen cars in those days and Peugeot.

What do we produce now? We import everything, including toothpicks. Everything is imported into the country. Is that progress? And we are supposed to be the giant of Africa. So, we need God’s intervention and His guidance for our leaders. “We thought over and seek the intervention of God in the affairs of the state and the nation as a whole,” He said. Speaking at the occasion, Bishop Stephen Adegbite, who was also in attendance stated that CAN at the national and state level is committed to peaceful coexistence in the country, noting that religious bias should not be a barrier to the restoration of calm in the country. Bishop Adegbite said, “Well, we have met at the national level of Christian Association of Nigeria, and we have said to everybody that religion should not be the yardstick for anybody to come into office.

We must be able to know that there are many people who claim to be religious, but are not. “There are people we have seen what they’ve done in the past, we know their antecedent, these are the leaders we want in our nation today. So, no sentiment about it, nobody should think we are going to canvas or vote because of religion. Show us your track record, then, we will know whether you are the right candidate or not. “But nobody should deceive anybody in Nigeria that because of your religion, we are not going to vote for you and we have said in CAN that we are not following that. People should be allowed to vote for their choice, whether you are a Christian or a Muslim,” Bishop Adegbite stressed.

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