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Music PR Executives, Kolawole Omoboriowo: Managing talented artistes can be crazy

Music PR Executive, Kolawole Omoboriowo, fondly known as Scoop, is the founder of Scoop Universal, a 360 entertainment image-building company. Scoop has remained steadfast in his quest to announce Nigeria to the world. In this chat with MUTIAT LAWORE, he spoke about positioning and why he is one of the most sought-after PR experts in the music industry.

You seem to have reached a level where many A-list artistes now see you as the go-to guy; from that Egbeda boy to Scoop Universal, how does it feel?

My eyes are always on the goal. I am always hungry for success in all I do. Well maybe you missed something, from that Agbara errand boy to Egbeda boy and now we are here. I really feel blessed but I don’t let any of my achievements overwhelm me. I am a man who thinks about the future more than the present; I am not the man of the moment.

Tiwa is a big name in the music scene; dealing with her brand will definitely mean you have to be up and doing. How challenging is her deal for you?

Most people don’t even know what a beautiful soul she is. The first day she started replying to my DM’s on Instagram, I got scared about what was happening. One day she messaged me ‘Scoop I need your ideas on my team’, then I realized she has just been stalking me to know if I am worth the ride or not. And since then I have dedicated my whole time to her job as well as to my other clients. She is one of the nicest people you can work with. She is very hard-working and gifted. God bless the day we met.

You have been around for a while but somehow you have managed to keep your game tight…

My philosophy of life is that consistency and passion will take you to the destination where success is waiting for you. Apparently, I get this question a lot, even from my business colleagues but all I tell them is to ‘go with your passion and money will surely follow.’ That’s exactly what I did and I am here till tomorrow. Truth is that I haven’t achieved half of what I wanted as a music PR mogul. I am just starting. There is a place of sacrifice, which many people don’t pay attention to. You have to throw away millions of money to fetch more millions if you want to make a name for yourself.

You studied Mechanical Engineering but your life is now about music and the business part of it. Do you miss not practising your discipline?

Do I miss not practising? I will say a big no! I have always been doing this before I even got admission. It makes me happy and has been part of me. I remember when I was at 300 level, I was made the Social Director of my school unopposed. From there, I realised that there is a calling in what I love.

Did you ever see yourself in the music industry doing this when you started?

The fact remains that I have always believed in my ability to make things happen. Many people at a point thought I came from a rosy background, but that was not the case. This is why I don’t ever want to give up because I know what my life was before I got to this level.

You work with top music stars; tell us how you got these deals on the line?

I have never approached any artiste to work with them, instead, they find their way to my lane by asking me to join their team or help in contributing to what they have going on. I am a goal-getter; so most top artistes I am working with, I already have a plan on the desk that will suit them, so whenever they request my service, all I do is blow their mind and show how hungry and ambitious I am about what I do. And most also love it because no one will see success and abandon it.

Making money is one thing, reaching the top of one’s dream is another thing. How do you cope with the two?

When I discovered my passion for music PR, I stopped chasing money because I know I will make money if I put in the work and position my brand for big moments that will surely come. It is one thing to be chasing money, it is another thing to place your brand in a place where those who matter will come and look for you.

You now work with top Afrobeat giants in the music industry including Tiwa Savage, Dakoor and Buju. How did you make this happen?

I will never take the breakout of BNXN for granted. I think that angle of knowing BNXN with me before he became famous really changed my game. When people see how much work we have done together to push his brand to this level, it opens doors for other big names to come and ask for your services. Talking about Darkoo, my first project with her was “Bad from Early” featuring BNXN. Since then, it has been one success story and another. For Tiwa Savage, my one and only Afrobeat queen in the game, she hit me up one day, saying “Scoop I will be needing your idea on my Team” and that’s where it all started and we are moving ahead from there. So the journey has just started, and trust me, I am working so hard to be able to keep things running smoothly with God being my inspiration and strength.

They are big names, how challenging is it managing their brands?

One of the most difficult part of this job is managing talented artistes because they can be crazy sometimes. You have to be ready to work with them with your full chest. They might hire you to get things done. But they know what they want before they reach out to you. Half of the time, they don’t care how it is going to be done, they just want results. I love every challenge that working with them throws at me. These challenges help me to know how to deal with other hard times ahead and who to contact when things go bad.

What do you think made them reach out to you?

I think they realised how passionate I am for the job and the level at which I can go to get my job done for any of my artiste. I do have my own flaws but I make sure that you don’t catch me sleeping when I am supposed to be working.

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