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Mr Tourism Nigeria: How Unexpected Experiences Led Me To Greatness

How did you get introduced to modeling? Back in school, I had a friend who entered a design contest and was frantically searching for models to showcase his designs. That was when fate intervened and I found myself being asked to help out. I hopped on it without knowing a thing about strutting down the runway.

At the time, I had never really considered modeling as a serious pursuit. But something about that experience lit a spark within me and I soon found myself receiving compliments on my walk and stage presence. It was like I had stumbled upon a hidden talent that had been waiting to be unleashed.

Fast forward to today, and I am proud to call myself a model and to think that it all started with a simple request from a friend! Looking back, I realize that sometimes, the most unexpected experiences can lead us down the path to greatness. After seeing other good- looking young men, did you lose confidence that you wouldn’t win? Of course, there were moments when I felt a little scared. After all, this was a competition that I had never experienced before. So, I did not know what to expect. But I refused to let that fear hold me back.

In- stead, I dug deep and put in the work, determined to give it my all and show what I was made of. Looking back on that experience, I realize that confidence is one of my greatest strengths. It’s what allowed me to take risks, to push past my limits, and to emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

How challenging was the competition? Which parts were most tedious? Honestly, it’s difficult to put into words just how challenging the competition was. There were so many different areas that put me to the test, from the physical demands of the various challenges to the mental and emotional toll of being away from home and constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

If I had to pinpoint one specific challenge that really stood out to me, I would say it was the dance rehearsals. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love to dance and have always considered myself to be pretty good at it. But when I was asked to learn choreography for the competition, I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn.

Now that you have won, what’s next? I have always been passionate about the entertainment industry, and I see this as the perfect opportunity to pursue that passion. I feel like it’s the perfect time to take the leap and see where it takes me. Of course, I know that the entertainment industry can be tough and competitive, but I am ready to put in the work and make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. Whether it’s modeling, acting, or TV host- ing, I am open to all possibilities and excited to see where this journey takes me.

Any Pet project in mind? Giving back to my community is something that has always been important to me. I am passionate about empowering the young generation by helping them learn new skills that can set them up for a successful future. I believe that education is incredibly important but I also know that many young people face obstacles when it comes to gaining practical experience or developing marketable skills. That’s why I want to start a pet project that focuses on helping the youth in my local community of Enugu State,

Nigeria to learn a skill while they are pursuing their education. There is a high rate of drug abuse among young people, especially young boys. What is your advice? As a young person myself, I believe that we all have a responsibility to ourselves and the future, to make the most of the opportunities we have been given. Unfortunately, too many young people fall into the trap of substance abuse, which can have serious consequences for their health, their relationships, and their prospects. That’s why I want to encourage all young boys to focus on building a brighter future for themselves, rather than getting caught up in destructive behaviours.

We all have talents and passions that we can pursue, and there are so many opportunities out there, if we are willing to work hard and stay focused. Of course, I know that it’s not always easy, and there are many challenges and obstacles that we will face along the way. But I truly believe that every action we take has a consequence, and it’s up to us to make sure that we are making choices that will lead us toward a positive and fulfilling future.

What would you say is young people’s problem of doing drugs? The biggest factor is peer pressure. When young people see their friends or peers engaging in drug use, they may feel pressure to join in order to fit in or be accepted. Another reason why young people may turn to substance abuse is to cope with depression or other mental health issues.

They may feel that drugs offer a temporary escape from their problems or help them to numb the pain. However, it’s important to remember that drugs are not a solution to these underlying issues. In fact, they often end up making things worse in the long run. Instead, I believe that having a strong support system, including friends, family, and mental health professionals, is crucial for helping young people navigate these challenges and find healthier ways to cope.

Have you ever been cajoled into using drugs by peer pressure and how did you overcome it? No, I have not. Throughout my upbringing, I have been very mindful of the company I keep and the influence they can have on my decisions. I believe in the power of positive peer pressure and have surrounded myself with like-minded individuals, who prioritize their health and well-being. Therefore, I have never been cajoled into using drugs by peer pressure. Instead, I have always sought out positive and supportive relationships that align with my values and goals.

What careers are you looking to go into? I have a passion for the entertainment industry and I see myself pursuing a career as an on-screen personality. Be it acting or as a TV host alongside being a fashion model. I also have a degree in Electrical Engineering, and it’s a field that I find fascinating. While these two interests may seem unrelated, I firmly believe that one can dominate in both worlds with the right mindset and dedication.

In my experience, pursuing multiple interests can enhance one’s abilities in both fields. For instance, my technical background has helped me develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills, which I believe will serve me well in the entertainment industry. Similarly, my interest in media has helped me develop communication skills that are valuable in any professional setting.

What were your childhood dreams? As a child, I really wanted to be a footballer but I never really pursued that as a career even though I spent most of my lunch break playing oranges as footballs. Was winning Mr Tourism part of the dreams? Not at first but after my first opportunity to walk the runway and the compliments I got, I started looking into this direction, and I a m very happy I took the turn. I have no regrets but gratitude for the journey so far and hope for the best to come.

Thank you.

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