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Mother: How my son is bullied by villagers

A Rwandan mother has revealed how her 21-year-old son is always bullied by villagers because he was born with learning difficulties, can’t speak, eats grass and lives in the forest. According to the mum, her son, Ellie, can’t speak and refuses to eat the food prepared for him by her instead he hunts for bananas and other fruits in the forest near his Rwanda village, as well as choosing to eat grass. Born with learning difficulties, Ellie does not go to school and is afraid of his fellow villagers.

His mother described him as a special child and a gift from God as she and her husband lost five children at birth. The young boy’s story, was filmed by Afrimax TV for a documentary titled ‘born different’. According to the mum, her son has been dubbed ‘monkey’ by cruel bullies for his unusual way of life. His mother said: “He doesn’t like food. He prefers eating bananas. He doesn’t know anything, he can’t do anything.

All he does is run. “When he sees people, all he does is run from them. Wherever he runs I have to run after him. In a whole week we can cover 230km. If I do not follow him, he might not come back home.”

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