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Moscow Will Use Nuclear If Ukraine Offensive Succeeds – Medvedev

The conflict in Ukraine has resulted in a significant number of people becoming homeless, while many have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Additionally, the war has caused energy and food crises worldwide and affecting developing nations.

Despite the resultant effect, the war is entering a new dimension with Ukraine currently leading a counter-offensive that is heating Russia hard and also leading Russian officials to contemplate using nuclear weapons.

If Ukraine’s counter-offensive is successful and Kyiv takes control of “Russian land,” then Moscow will use nuclear weapons, Russia’s former president warned.

“Just imagine that the NATO-supported Ukraine’s offensive turned out successful, and they took away a part of our land,” Dmitry Medvedev wrote in English on Twitter/X.

Russia currently counts parts of Ukraine it illegally annexed last year and in 2014 as part of its own territory.


In such a case, then Russia “would have to, following the President’s degree of 02.06.2020, use the nuclear weapon,” added Medvedev, who now serves as deputy chair of Russia’s Security Council.

Medvedev argued that the Russian Armed Forces are defending its citizens and their land while also “preventing global conflict”.

“That’s why our enemies must worship our warriors. They are keeping the global nuclear fire from flaring up,” he said, as Russia’s war on Ukraine nears the 18-month mark.​​​​​​​

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