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Mohbad’s Father Insists On Justice For Late Son, DNA

The father of the late Nigerian singer, Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known as Mohbad, Mr Joseph Aloba has continued to call for justice for his late son.

This was as he lamented on the unity amongst those who witnessed his passing but failed to speak the truth.

This is coming amid the outcome of the autopsy result revealed by a pathologist after months of suspense on the cause of the singer’s death.

In a recent video shared by Mohbad’s father, he insisted that those present on the day of his son’s death had intentionally been holding back the truth.


He added that he emphasized justice for Mohbad, including a DNA test for his grandson, Liam Light amid his daughter-in-law’s refusal to allow a paternity test.

Mohbad’s father on why his late son must get justice.

He said, “I’m upset because out of all the people living in Mohbad’s house, not a single one of them could come out to say what happened to him. All of them decided to close their mouth and unite.

“Is it because of money? We will all die one day. We must get to the root of the matter and find out what killed Mohbad.

“It saddens my heart that they are saying the cause of death is unknown. Even if an autopsy cannot detect what killed Mohbad, what about the police or CCTV?

“I put all my hope and trust in God and I know he won’t fail me because this is God’s f!ght not mine.

“Finding out what killed Mohbad is important to me. Also, DNA is a must. You (Wunmi) said Mohbad disciplined you, then let’s go and do DNA so we can know if the boy is our son or not. Don’t call her Aloba again.

“I appeal to everyone to stick with me on this Mohbad issue. I believe we will get justice.”

Watch the video below;

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