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Mohbad’s Father Finally Addresses Allegations Of Wearing Late Son’s Clothes

The father of the late Afrobeat singer, Mohbad, Mr Joseph Aloba has finally addressed the case of being seen on multiple occasions wearing the clothes of his late son.

It would be recalled that following the tragic demise of the singer in September 3023, Mohbad’s father has been through a wave of backlashes including a DNA request from his daughter-in-law, the early burial of his late son, properties, and many others.

In a recent interview hosted by a TikTok influencer @kachi_wire_, Mohbad’s father addressed the allegations of wearing the clothes of his late son.

According to Mr Aloba, he and his late share the same sizes of outfits and it is ridiculous for people to have an issue with him wearing his outfits.


He also said that his focus is to get justice for his son rather than being distracted by the ‘rubbish’ people have to say.

He said, “He is my son. I can wear his clothes. We are the same size. And anybody that has that kind of a son and cannot share with, that means that person does not love his son. So we are together.

“I could remember the day they wanted to go and do the introduction that led to his engagement. He bought me shoes and he said ‘Daddy this is what you are going to wear’

“I said these shoes were bigger than mine and that I did not want this kind of bourgeois, he said ‘this is exactly what I want you to do.

“So, he wanted to blend in with me. He is my son and a friend to me. So my focus now is justice for Mohbad. So all those rubbish questions, I do not want to answer questions like that. He is my son. People can say whatever they like.”

Reactions as Mohbad’s father addresses wearing late son’s clothes;

mayorsoj said: “If dem give an chance, he go marry Wunmi join.”

veevogee noted: “For over one year now this family are still confused???? If you have a good family, you don’t know what God has done for you.”

endylight1 stated: “This Man and interviews are like 5 and 6, he’s not interested in getting any justice but after wunmi cos what is this.”

queenifeomamg penned: “Una don see why the mama leave this man Abi? He no just get sense. Funniest part is when she realized it, it was too late and someone like him won’t want her going with their son. Mohbad!”

tonia.gram_ said: “ol. If This man is so concerned about the paternity of Liam, I promise you, he for don go get that court order since. Man just want camera and mics on him. E dey sweet am.”

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