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Mohbad: Setting Trend From Beyond

There are men whose personal style set trends when they were alive. And there are those who set trend even when they are gone. Micheal Jackson was one of the music and pop icons that did so, both when he was alive and now that he is no more.

The late Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, professionally known as MohBad, whose death has become a fight for social change, is not just keeping vibrant Nigerian youths awake but is also setting fashion trend from the great beyond.

Mohbad’s songs have once again become a hit with millions listening to his songs on repeat. Just as his song have continued to trend, his personal style, which many didn’t pay too much attention to when he was alive, is also being picked up by his younger fans to show solidarity in fighting for his justice.

A few of his fans were spotted wearing the bandana scarf, the way Mohbad wore his. Others went ahead to make Tee-shirts with his face printed on it, while some chose to wear his signature blonde tint.

Mohbad had the rapper hip hop style, that entails tieing bandana scarf on head, baggy jeans and jackets, finished off with his signature blonde tinted hair. He switchd his hairstyle sometimes with cornrows.

The rally for justice for Mohbad in different regions and countries has pockets of people wearing his favourite things when he was alive. With this, he joins other rap Kings like Tupac, whose style is still influencing people even after they have left this world.

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