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Mohbad: Sarah Martins Knocks Wunmi Over STD’s Allegations

Nollywood actress, Sarah Martins has taken to her social media page to knock the wife of the late Nigerian singer, Mohbad, Omowunmi following a recent online drama with her sister.

The movie star took to her Instagram page in a lengthy post to express her disappointment with Wunmi folowing her elder sister’s outrageous charges against the late musician.

New Telegraph recalls that Wunmi’s sister had in a video post asserted that Mohbad had infected his wife with STDs when he was alive.


Reacting to the allegations, Sarah voiced her disappointment that Wunmi’s sister dared to accuse Mohbad in such a blatant manner and that his wife had allowed it.

She said; “At this point, Wunmi is doing too much! Kai! Some women do get sense true true…

“Your kwashiorkor sister had the effrontery to boldly come online to accuse your so-called beloved late husband of giving you a series of infections when he was alive and you allowed it???

“Why are u so scared to do DNA tho? If I were you, I would have done it long ago to clear my name and protect the legacy of my late husband!.”

“When did you move from mourning Mohbad to mocking Mohbad?????

I am so disappointed in you!

Kai!!!! Such a senseless widow!.”

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