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Matt Par: How COVID-19 Created a Unique Opportunity For Content Creators Across the Globe

The pandemic, lockdown, and the need to stay at home have given rise to a new era of content creation. Individuals from across the globe are leveraging channels like Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube to share their talents and perspectives with their audience at large.
These digital influencers are not only creating engaging content, but also exploring ways to monetize their passions and turn them into long-term careers.
Matt Par and his 9 successful YouTube channels prove that the pandemic provided online content creators with an excellent opportunity.

The 20-year-old YouTuber has gained over 200,000 subscribers for his personal channel, Make Money Matt, and has received multiple silver play buttons and a gold play button for one of his channels reaching one million subscribers.

Make Money Matt went live in 2019 and has gained significant momentum over the last couple of years. Youngsters who lost their jobs during the pandemic turned to digital mediums in search of alternative income opportunities, thinks Matt. People were confined to their houses and were trying to find ways to interact with the world or simply keep themselves occupied while generating a side income.

Growing demand for digital content

Like Matt Par, many content creators joined YouTube to occupy themselves, especially during the lockdown. Matt says, “People turned to YouTube for two major reasons — to be occupied or entertained, and for skill-building and income generation.” It is not only the number of content creators that’s increasing; the demand for good quality digital content has increased too.

Funny videos, sketches, vlogs, and other such forms of entertaining content have gained immense popularity during the lockdown. Matt Par himself teaches people how to potentially make money by creating content for YouTube.

Content creators on the platform also provide brands with an audience for their ads and get monetary benefits in exchange.

Matt Par’s journey on YouTube

Matt wanted to create an income source for himself. He says, “I did not want to be defined by the work I did not want to do.” His entrepreneurial spirit led him to give YouTube a shot, and over the years, he consistently gathered knowledge about the platform.
He eventually started making money through the platform in 2015 and started a personal channel only in 2019.
The pandemic and resulting content consumption trends gave his channel a boost, and now, Matt Par is helping people use the tactics he has learned to make genuine YouTube content and monetize it.

Matt Par has recently converted his learnings into an online program — Tube Mastery and Monetization 2.0 — where people can learn more about how to leverage YouTube.

Recognizing the demand for content in niche areas amid the ongoing pandemic situation, he guides people on how to turn their interests into income by creating engaging and meaningful YouTube content.

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